Mom Blogger T’era Burton Speaks on Her Journey from Struggling Silently to Flourishing

Hello Queen!!! Please share with us a little about your background, motherhood experiences, as well as what you do now in your life and career.

Hi! Thank you so much for allowing me to share!

Yes! My name is T’era Burton, I’m a mama of 4! My motherhood experience has evolved over the years from struggling silently with so much guilt, comparison and anxiety, to learning how to flourish and thrive in the beautiful chaos of it all. I’m also a full time worker I work in customer service for a financial institution, I’m also a part time entrepreneur on the side I’m a freelance writer, mindfulness coach and mental health advocate. I’m founder and creator of my brand Concealer and a prayer life, a lifestyle blog and virtual safe space for moms!

What does the word MINDFULNESS mean to you as it pertains to mothers and mental health?

For me mindfulness means creating that inner space of safety, to allow yourself time to be present, as well as self aware! As it pertains to mothers and mental health it is a major key to helping maintain our mental health as we journey through the day to day of mom life, it gives us opportunities to check in with ourselves and stay present with our emotions and needs.  

When did you know you wanted to be an active resource for Moms along their journeys of healing and self care?

Honestly after going to through a miscarriage and feeling so alone during it all I knew I didn’t want other moms to feel that way.

I started to be open with my journey through grief and healing, and also after losing my mom I started blogging to again figure out how to get through a different stage of grief while mothering, there’s still such a stigma around mental illness and a lot of moms and still suffering in silence, I learned that the more we tell our stories and the more open we are, the more opportunities we also create for other moms to do the same and feel less alone, healing is hard, it takes courage but it’s so much better in community.

Talk to us about HEALING. What do you suggest to the Mom who is trying her best to heal from a traumatic or unsettling situation, but doesn’t feel she has the time or space to do so?

I would say to first acknowledge the pain, be honest with how you feel, also to create time to check in with yourself it doesn’t have to be extended amounts of time even 5-10 mins a day sitting and acknowledging how you feel can make a huge difference! 

I would also recommend talking with a professional, somethings takes professional help to unpack and that is totally okay! There’s virtual options, group options! Make it a priority!

Once you start the journey of healing, you will heal generations after you.

T’era Burton

Tell us about a time when you had to put yourself first in order to heal. What did you learn during that time and how did you manage keeping up with your Mommy-duties throughout the process?

After losing my mom, I didn’t notice how detached I’d become to everything around me, I was kind of floating through life, it wasn’t until I found myself crying on the stairs with a diaper in my hand, I was trying my best to hold it together and I just broke, I knew I couldn’t continue to do life that way, I needed to be there for me, and not be strong and hold it together, lol I wasn’t doing a good job at it anyway so I knew it was time to seek help, I took our intentional time once a week to seek professional help and it was the best thing I could’ve done for myself at that time! I asked for help as well with managing mommy duties that was also my problem of trying to do it and totally ignoring the fact that I was falling apart, I still made time for my kids/ spouse/ work but I had to learn to let go and let others step in to help me too! 

We love that you’re a Mom of multiples! Did you always want a large family and were all your children planned?

I knew we would have at least 3 kids, I always joke and say baby 4 was a total Suprise because when my husband and I first got married we only picked out 3 names lol! But I come from a large family I’m the oldest of 7, but 4 is enough for us, yes they all came at their divine times.

What are some tips for balance the home life vs the work life? How do you stay grounded in both areas of service and commitment?

I would say replace the word balance,with grace,  it can be really difficult to balance it all and if you think about balance sooner or later something is bound to fall, but how we choose to respond to it will be what impacts us the most, I’m not a supermom so I always encourage my moms to remove the cape!

We are all human first, if we are mindful of our humanity it makes it easier to give our selves grace over the balancing act, I love the quote that says “I can do anything, not everything” and that is what keeps me grounded, knowing I’m always in need of grace, and compassion because as a human I’m going to make a mistake, I’m going to miss an appointment, forget a diaper bag, etc and that’s okay!

What are some of your favorite things to do to unwind? And how often do you intentionally take breaks?

I love to read, and take a hot shower after a long day, or light my fav candle, firm believer in aromatherapy. 

I try to take breaks daily, even if it’s just 5 mins to myself, it’s either a quick check in or deep breathing to regulate my emotions if needed. 

Why do you think it’s important for WOC and specifically mothers to have resources like “Concealer and a Prayer Life”?

I think it’s important because it changes the narrative, that we have to be strong, have it all together etc, we needed spaces that allow us to be vulnerable, honest, and most importantly feel safe and okay with our struggles. 

What’s next for you and how can we stay in touch with your latest deals and updates?

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