The Modern Housewife of NY says Before you Judge a Mother, Ask Yourself: What is it Like to Be Her?

We truly enjoy perusing your eclectic style! Tell us a little bit about your back story and share with us what you do now.

Thank you for such an amazing compliment! I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio and now based in NYC since 2010. My entire background is in fashion and costume design and I still do both today. As well as creating artwork and styling.

We can’t help but notice your love for color and art. How does it make you feel to dress bold and colorful?

Dressing bold and colorful is my life’s greatest joy. It’s literally the air I breath on the day to day. Dressing bold and colorful makes me happy because it makes other people happy too.

Who are some of your inspirations for style? What is it about them you admire most?

When it comes to style inspo, I’m pretty much my own muse. I’m a fashion girl who happens to also be a mom. So, I enjoy colliding both worlds and making it work the best I can.

I think it’s so important to have my individuality shine through motherhood, and not be overshadowed by my role as a mother.

Shaquita Garcia

What do you think the creative arts world is missing in 2022, and how do you think WOC can contribute to that space?

I personally think that the creative arts space is missing black creators that are mainstream. So many of us are on the come up because we tend to have to create our own opportunities versus being placed in rooms and spaces to have our businesses thrive. I believe WOC, and POC are the drivers of the creative arts world and WE ARE the space.

Tell us about your Nonprofit work and your podcast! What is Modern Housewives Co. all about?

Modern Housewives Co. was birthed from a space of uncertainty. I was battling Postpartum Depression and I was looking to find other black moms who shared the same sentiments I felt about motherhood.

Then it quickly grew into a mission to preserve and protect the mental health of mothers all over the world, by creating open and honest conversations that felt safe and unbiased. Women, and specifically mothers, are often judged by their behaviors or their parenting without actually taking a look at the woman herself. What is it like to be her?

What have been some of your biggest challenges with motherhood? What about your biggest achievements and accomplishments as a Mom?

Some of my biggest challenges are actually my greatest achievements. And that is breaking generational curses. Gentle but stern parenting. So that my children are kind souls, but big enough to stand up for themselves in the world. And also, making my children feel heard and seen. It’s challenging to erase some of the old school thinking patterns when it’s already been imbedded in your DNA. But I’m doing it.

What has wifehood been like for you, and how do you manage to maintain a good balance between home and business?

Balance between home and business is actually tough. I still receive hints from my husband saying that he misses me, even though I’m right there in the same room with him. 😩 It’s extremely tough to balance everything. Especially when you are chasing success FOR YOUR FAMILY. I often times try to include the family in my work by having them on set with me when I’m doing a shoot, or participating in partnerships that are fun for my husband too. That’s it, in a nutshell lol. This aspect of my life is definitely a work in progress.

How do you keep your creative juices flowing with new ideas and concepts to bring to life?

The straightest answer I can give is NYC. I thrive off of the energy of the city. I take walks everyday to get inspiration from the people or the buildings or even food. There is always something to see and be inspired by. Bringing concepts to life is a bit of a different story lol. Sometimes ideas will sit in my notes for a while before I actually move on it. I have a lot of good ideas but making sure it’s executed properly to put out into the world takes a bit of time.

What does it mean to you to be an “influencer” of color? Tell us a little bit about the power within that title and position?

I typically don’t call myself an influencer because I contribute many different things to the creative space, and influencing is just one of them. But, I think being an influencer has a lot of power in that if your audience trusts you as a person, they will buy whatever you are selling. So, that’s why I think it’s important for influencers to not only utilize that space but to also start their own business ventures as well. If you can sell products or services for someone else, why not do that for yourself too? And also, I think there is tremendous power in authenticity. It’s important to show people how to show up as themselves and not try to be like someone else.

It’s totally okay to look to someone for inspiration but promoting individuality is what I will always stand for when it comes to the creative space.

Shaquita Garcia

What’s up next for you and how can our readers connect and stay connected with you?

I have so many new things in the works this year, but I can’t share just yet. I am launching a new collection of my brand AART, in the fall. But if you would like to follow my journey, you can find me at @themodernhousewifeny.