Are Friendship Breakups Real?

Are friendship breakups real? To answer that question, yes, they are! The loss of a friendship can be devastating. Especially if that friendship carries a lot of time behind it.

As we travel through life we will meet new people, have different experiences with those people, and ultimately leave some friendships behind. Is this something that we would like to do? No! Not at all. If we could take our friends with us throughout every aspect of our lives, we would, but sadly, we cannot.

Some may last a lifetime while others fade away. Life can separate you and you tend to drift apart. Then there are times when you must decide to keep a friendship or let that friendship go. Those are the hardest to do, but it’s necessary sometimes a friendship can hold you back, and there are times when their time is up, and you need to press forward with the next chapter of your life without that person.

These are the decisions that are hard to make because losing a friend sends you through a wave of different emotions but in all honesty, it’s okay to feel those emotions and let out all your screams and cries and then move on from it. We need to start focusing on healthier ways to cope with losing a friend rather than the normal anger, sadness, depression, or even bitterness.

Ask yourself did they bring any value into your life? Were they draining you? Did you give more throughout the friendship? Asking those questions can help you process and proceed with life. Appreciate the good times and never dwell on the bad. Just know that their season is in your life is up and it’s fine. It’s for your good in the long run.

We tend to try to hold on to what needs to be let go whether it’s a relationship or a friendship and that hinders our growth. If you’ve given the relationship a fair chance and you are just not getting what you need from the relationship, it is okay to move on. That doesn’t make you or the other party a bad person. That person just wasn’t YOUR person.

That person served their purpose and that was to teach you what to accept from a friend and what is not acceptable from a friend. Once you realize the relationship is no longer balanced or you have lost interest in hanging out it’s time to take a step back and evaluate the friendship overall. At times we hit a hard place in life, and nothing seems to be going right including our friendships, but then there are instances where that friendship must be put aside for good reason.

Ending any type of relationship can be hard so ending a friendship is no exception. There are no rules when it comes to life and who is supposed to remain in them. Friendships end for several reasons especially now that social media is so popular, and the slightest things can be taken out of context.

Friendships do hit rough patches and you may need a break. Find peace in accepting what the outcome may be.