May/June COVER STORY: Candace Holyfield, The Six Figure Spa Chick

Hello Queen!!!!!!!! Of course you already know that we love you that you are amazing at the work you do!!!!! — Take us back to how it all began. Where are you originally from and What were you doing prior to entrepreneurship?

Hi. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

I am from Memphis TN. I have done several jobs and businesses in my 40 years of existence. I did medical assistant for 2 years when i first graduated high school. I was not thinking about going to a 4 year college. All my friend went to college and was bragging on their financial aid. I decided to enroll only for that reason. (I know hot mess right?) I quit after my second semester as it was not for me. I did get an associate in business and science later down the road.

I was a waitress for 13 years before I entered into the spa world. In between those 13 years I opened and operated a cleaning service. I am really good at cleaning because my grandmom once had a cleaning job when I was a young child. I was about to turn 30 and decided to try something new. I chose massage therapy.

How did you discover your passion for the “Spa Life”?

Once in school our homework assignment was to get a massage. It was my first massage in all of my 30 years and I fell in love with the power of touch. It was at that moment I decided to give this industry everything I got to make this new industry work.

When did you know that this was your ‘it thing’? How did you know you were on to something major and that people loved what you brought to the table?

My first job was at a popular franchise. I went home my first day crying. Everyone was saying I was not a good massage therapist. I started practicing every day because my life really did depend on it. Two of my my co workers Aubrey Boyd and Shirley Mabern took me under their wing. They were the top therapist at the company. I learned how to be the best. Shirley even invested in my first spa. I became top 10 therapist at the franchise. I knew then I was a good massage therpaist.

Can you talk to us about your confidence? What has your self confidence been like throughout this journey and has it changed or evolved over time?

I have always been confident my entire life. I am sure I get that from my mom Eve. My confidence has been challenged lately due to a miscommunication from one of my coaches and one of my team members. I started doubting myself. I was questioning, am I good enough, am I too ghetto (that is people’s favorite thing to say when they are slandering me.) I cried for weeks about my coach and so-called friends/team members. My confidence was very low since April up until a few days ago. I had to remember how amazing I am and how I have changed so many lives in this world all while being my authentic self.

What separates you from other Spa Mavens and serial entrepreneurs? And how would you define your brand voice?

What separates me from other spa mavens is that I am very hands on with my clients. I host free events every single month to help spa professionals grow their brand. I am also a huge advocate of ensuring spa professionals have good credit, business credit, product line, a team, monthly personal development, and passive income. My company is not just to learn a skill. I want to set everyone up to be self sucfficient outside of services.

I’ve created a REAL community for spa professionals. We do more than just teach marketing. We support each other in numerous ways. Many of my members lost family members during covid. We paid rents/mortgages, bought groceries and etc. We are a real tribe. Its bigger than just money and numbers.

Its impact and really changing lives. We also have a book club each month and its one of my favorite monthly sessions. We focus heavily on personal development in addition to business development.

My brand voice is lit! Im super fun and smart. My social proof is so long, It makes my heart smile. I really LOVE my brand. — My brand voice is also “six figure everything you do”. My brand is fun while learning.

We do nothing boring. (I think I was a comedian in my other life)

Candace Holyfield

We love that you have and celebrate your “Tribe”. Tell us about this. What is your Tribe? Who are they and how can folks get connected?

I own the largest African American Spa Professionals Community in the world, Spa Boss Tribe, which is trademarked. — We teach everything marketing, branding, team building, financial education and product development. We have over 58k posts from members under our hashtag. Its so many members. We have spa millionaires (12 at this current moment. We have spa hall of fame over 20 spa professionals have been inducted. They have proven and shown spa excellence, served others, lead by example and have gross sales ranging from $250k to over $1M.

Our new members are inside of our virtual mentorship and we host meetings monthly to help them increase their numbers over the next 90 days.

Oh! I own the largest spa professionals book club. — We have a book club meeting every month. Last but not least We have the only Black Spa awards day in Atlanta 18 awarded from the city of Atlanta. This is year number 7 for the Black Spa Awards. To name of few of our high performing members instagram @thediorlucas, @4.4_esthetics, @queenofbodyscupting, @thewaxsnobstudios, @bellabodystudio, @resetwellnessbar_ @suprebodystudio, @heyhoneyspa, @queendom_aesthetics @talexandriamedspa, @_skinivy,@execlevelmassageandbeautyatl, @jayjillcosmetics, @atlinjector Its so many more.

Who were some of the people who supported and/or inspired you the most on your come-up, and what impacted you most about them?

I have the best coaches and mentors on the planet. @theglamuniveristy, @mzskittlez, @audriarichmomd, @womenceoproject @Koereyelle, @mayaelious and Dawniel Winningham. These are my top who played a huge part into my success.

As a leader, teacher, and mentor today, what you tell us about the feeling of pouring into others? How important is that for you in life?

Omg my life is dedicated to serving. On my worst days I still serve. Its one of the many gifts God gave me. My number one core value is serving. I remember being flat broke and watching Dawniel Winngham serve for free on periscope. I implemented her free advice and start making money. Once I got more money than bills I paid her immediately.

Its my life calling to teach. Its so easy for me to help someone. Its my passion and purpose so I not take my assignment here on earth lightly. I will honestly admit pouring into others can be very draining. I often attend other events so someone can pour into me. I also joined church 2 months ago to stay focused and encouraged.

Considering your experience and credentials, what would you say the Spa Industry needs more of, as it pertain to Women of Color?

The Spa Industry needs more education and resources. I try my best to provide that daily through all my platforms and community service work. I have broken spa gross earnings history records within the last 5 years.

What have been some of your biggest accomplishments throughout your career thus far? What are you most proud of?

My biggest accomplishments are over 3000 Black Spa Professionals attending my Spa Queen Expo, helping 13 other spa professionals gross their first million dollars, and my biggest is getting my own day in the city of Atlanta. (Black Spa Awards Weekend December 18)

With all that you do, how are you maintaining and caring for your mental?

I try my best to get weekly massages. I now have a leadership team in place to help me lead the tribe and take brain breaks as needed. I am also taking off the month of December this year and Q4 in 2023.

We loved to hear that you began an intentional therapy regimen; could you share how you’ve felt about therapy prior, vs how you feel now? How has it helped you so far?

I wish I had a therapist sooner. My therapist has changed my life. It helps with my mental and decision making. We as humans carry so much from childhood into our adult life and now into our business. Its a lot to do by yourself. My therapist is the best. (latoniataylormedia)

As #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth comes to an end, can you share some encouragement to Women of Color who may be caught up in the negative stigma or hesitant, because they don’t think they need regular care?

As humans we all need care. We all need love. Its a life principal.

We know that you have reached a great level of financial success. Please tell us about your mindset and perspective when you earned your first 5 figure week!

My mindset when I hit my first 5 figure week was I believed I could do it. I then planned every single detail to make it happen and got to work. My biggest advice is get leads daily.

Please tell us about your other business endeavors, such as trucking and Air BnB! How did you get into those fields and how can readers support/get involved there?

I got into trucking because my man at the time now my husband was driving for someone else. The entrepreneur in me decided to open a trucking company. All these years later we still trucking.

I got into airbnb because I was on my spa tour and my house was empty. I took a class from glam university on instagram and starting hosting in the next 30 days.

How do you feel about your overall journey? Take this space and opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come and how that makes you feel. — What’s a big goal for you over the next 5 years?

My overall journey is magical, because I am just getting started.

I went from sleeping on the floor to sleeping in one country and waking up in another.

Candace Holyfield

I went from no car to three cars that I rarely drive because Im constantly getting flown out to help others. If you are reading this remember never give up on yourself. My BIG goal over the next 5 years is my accredited spa school and my housing community.

Thank you so much for your time and openness to share your insight and experiences with us! — Do you have any exciting news or projects coming up that you’d like to share with our networks? How can we stay connected with your updates going forward?

My 4th Spa Queen Expo is September 16-17 in Atlanta.

The 7th annual Black Spa Awards is December 18 in Atlanta.

All information can be found on @sixfigurespachick instagram page.

I have a free business credit class for everyone on my youtube @sixfigurespachick plus over 10 hours of free business gems called Millionaire Night School on my ig tv on instagram.

My customer care text line is 901-519-2880

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