Imperfect “Mommer” Erica Davis Turned Her IG Page into a Community for Women’s Athleisure

Imperfect Mommers strives to be a global go to athleisure clothing company for affordable women’s apparel and home workout equipment. We strive to be caring and understanding of our customers, employees and business partners.

Founder Erica Davis had the idea to create what started as an Instagram page to motivate sisterhood within the community of mothers, future mothers and all women through healthier lifestyles, workouts, and apparel. She wanted women to realize that not all moms snap back immediately after the birth of their children. The word “imperfect” says that not all moms are perfect and are constantly learning through trial and error, and the support of other moms. The word “mommers” is what my son would call me when he was a baby, so it stuck with us. Imperfect Mommers® enlightens mothers and future mothers on daily awesomeness and sometimes challenges of being a mom.

Hello Queen!!! You seem to have such a go-getter and motivated personality! Tell us about your life in general as a wife, mother and entrepreneur? What are your typical days like?

  • I’ve been married almost 6yrs now to my husband, Rell, and we have an amazing son Chandler. Being the lady of the house is so much fun but I am BUSY all the time. I have a full time career in the corporate world while also running my business, Imperfect Mommers
  • A typical Monday-Friday, I get up about 5am, workout, help my husband get our son ready for school, get myself ready for work and depending on the day, I either work from home or have to go in the office. Once off from work, I pick my son up from school, help with homework (cooking dinner simultaneously), and 3 days a week I take him to Track practice. Thank God I have my to come to practice and take over so I can get back home, finish up dinner, get the kiddo ready for bed and then work on Imperfect Mommers content/plans. It’s a lot!
  • Saturdays it’s mommy/son time, along with business work and Sundays I enjoy family time

How did you decide on what you wanted to do in business? Where did the inspiration come from?

  • A little over 4 years ago, I started my fitness journey and started an Instagram page to share things along the way and encourage other women to workout. I also wanted to show them that, it’s hard work and not as easy as social media make it look. While on this journey, I kept running into 2 issues when purchasing workout apparel: Inexpensive apparel but terrible quality or good quality but really expensive. 
  • I saw a need to provide women with the best of both “worlds”…Great quality and Inexpensive. That’s how my business started. 😊

We’re you initially afraid of the startup process or did you embrace it gracefully from the start? Share with us what your initial research and learning process was like!

  • When I started, I wanted to test the waters in a sense and had leggings and t-shirts. I honestly didn’t do the proper research and it backfired. That was in 2018 and although I had support from wonderful family and friends initially, I realized in order to really expand, I needed to step back and understand what I want to do and learn how to do it. I did just that. Mid 2018, I stopped everything, did a lot of research, got samples made and sent to me. Once I was really ready to go, I did a soft relaunch in 2019. Things were booming from then.

Tell us about Imperfect Mommers, The SnapBack Box and your kids sock line. – What can we expect from each?

  • Imperfect Mommers is a women’s athleisure and workout apparel line. We provide apparel for all women (mom or not) that is great quality at affordable prices. We have also in the last year, expanded sizes to plus in some styles and added comfortable intimates. Expect a lot of new apparel added to the site. Follow us on Instagram (@ImperfectMommers) to stay updated!
  • The SnapBack Box is under the Imperfect Mommers umbrella. It is a workout kit that includes resistance bands, booty bands, jump ropes, shaker bottles and waist sweat band to start and carry you through your workout journey. We sometimes get so busy, we may not be able to go to the gym or we may have to travel…this kit has what you need to workout anywhere you are. Honestly, I still take my bands and jump rope from the kit to the gym with me. Some gyms be lacking on these items. LOL.
  • The SnapBack box is always improving and evolving. Things will be upgraded in the box soon…stay tuned. 😊
  • Feet For 5ive is our family sock business that is still new and we are still defining where we want to go with it. It’s something fun for us and when our son is of a little older age, he can run with it. Nothing new at this time, but it will come.

What separates your brands from others, and how do you hope your consumers feel when they come in contact with your brands and products?

  • The quality for the price! Period. Lol! I want consumers to say, “that’s all it costs?” or “I got this from Imperfect Mommers and girl, it was only…”

What excites you about the family unit? Especially as it pertains to people of color.

  • I am extremely close to my family and when I say family, that includes my close friends too. It is so important to have that support system to encourage you and you could encourage as well. When I was growing up, everybody raised us…that’s just how it was in the black community. Neighbors, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, they did not play…we were respectful and parents didn’t take offense when another adult corrected their child when they were in the wrong. It takes a village and we learned a lot from that. I want the same for my son, nieces, nephews and little cousins.

A family unit is important and will play a major role in the next generation when it comes to decisions they make growing up.

Erica Davis

What has your support system been like along your journey? How do your friends and family feel about all your business endeavors?

  • I have an amazing support system, truly. Whether it’s encouraging me, sharing or liking a post to actually purchasing…they have been great. Now, I’m not going to lie, it would hurt me to see people who I’ve supported, not support me but I don’t dwell on that. I focus on those who do support me and not concerned with those who don’t. 

We love that you have a strong focus on fitness! Who are some of your favorite fitness inspirations and why?

  • I love this question…everyone that knows me know that I am obsessed with Angela Bassett. She’s an inspiration all around but that body! LOL. 
  • I also follow Kayla Nicole @IamKaylaNicole and Monique Collier @Get_MoeFit

Is there anything you’d like to share to encourage WOC to take great care of their bodies? Talk to us about the connection between fitness and self love!

  • Yes, along with making sure you do some sort of physical activity daily, go to the doctor regularly! I know a lot of women think they only need to go to their Gynecologist, but no! Also get yourself a primary physician and schedule your once/yr appointment. It’s important. We have to know what’s going on in our bodies.

Taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is all a part of self love. Don’t keep things bottled in, find someone you trust, that is unbiased and vent…it helps to say things out loud. It also helps to hear the truth, whether you like it or not.

What’s next for you and how can we keep up with your happenings and new releases?

  • I’m glad you asked! We have a big announcement we are making this Friday, May 20, 2022. Imperfect Mommers will be offering a membership option…more to come but we hope it will make our customers!