Music Artist DeneQuia says “Your Face Has No Value If You Don’t See Your Own Potential”

Congratulations on maintaining multiple positions of power, such as Wifehood, Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, Music Artistry and More! – How do you Balance it all?

I balance everything I have going on by thinking things through before I act on anything , I never try to take on more than I can handle and I believe in taking my time . I’ve learned not to beat myself up about small things . What’s your success system? My success system is simple Prayer. Planning. Belief & Family !

Tell us about your Music! How did you get started there, and what can we look forward to from you in that arena?

I started performing and singing very young . At the age of 11 I started winning talent shows and that what made me want to sing more . It wasn’t about winning it was people’s facial expressions when I performed . I remember one lady telling me when I sung “I Believe in you and Me” by Whitney Houston at a talented show in Hallandale Fla she said , how is it that such a big strong voice could come out of such a small person 😂. From that day forth I knew I was Blessed with the talent to draw in crowds. I did take a break due unforeseen occurrences ans in 2017 got back into the music and released my first album “The Art of a Woman” . I write music for everyone to enjoy or heal from . I truly believe I don’t belong to a genre because I believe in staying true to being versatile . That’s what sets me apart from other artists .

Who are some of your favorite WOC artists then and now? What’s your favorite music genre to listen to, and why?

I don’t discriminate I love all genres of music . I listen & write to country, pop, rock , Gospel , the blues , easy listening and the list goes on . I grew up listening to Whitney Houston so I will def say she is one artist I would always try my best performance wise to mirror . It’s the way she pulled the crowd in without having to touch them or even twerk to keep their attention . I want to be that type of performer . I also admire Kelly Price , Monica , Ella Mai , Rihanna , Anita Baker , CECE Winans, Mary May , K Michelle and so many other female artists of color .

What’s your take on the evolution of music as it pertains to the culture? What do you think of today’s styles?

I believe music is evolving into something that’s gonna give people hope & educate them all at the same time . I a fan of the current culture wave of music as well . I just know that there’s a change coming and I am happy to be apart of the new wave of music.

We love that you’re also a song writer! What does that process look like for you? Do you write songs for other artists in addition to your own?

My song writing process is so unorthodox, lol. I can write anywhere in any environment. I am what they cal a distracted writer . I am also a thinker so there’s always something lyrics wise that may just pop on my head while I’m out or at home I simply jot it down or put it in my notes .I write music daily . I’ve written for a few folks and helped with coming up with festive ideas for videos , photo shoots and more . I love to receive and give input from those close to me or fellow artists I know.

Tell us about R&B Sweets! – What can we expect there and what inspired this amazing endeavor?

You can definitely expect within the next few years to see my snack line in studios via vending machines . That’s always been my purpose as an artist when I’m at the studio I always want a snack depending on how long I’m there . R&B Sweets by Boss Lady Denequia is the perfect snack to get any artist through their recording / writing session .

We know that you are a serial entrepreneur; please share with us all that you do in business, in addition to your music!

I am the proud owner of R&B Sweets by Boss Lady DeneQuia. And I am the owner of our family owned and operated company JJs Toys & More , LLC . Party Rentals .

We really admire your strength and versatility! Do you have any tips for Moms in Music?

It’s not easy being a mom , wife , artist and entrepreneur. But I carve out time to just relax with family and I give myself the “Me” time needed so I can be the best “Me” for myself & my family. Time management isn’t something we will ever fully manage because at times things can occur that need your attention right away whether personal or business but for the most part I plan things to where there’s time for just my kids together & independently. And date night Just for me and my hubby . I would say to all the moms out there that’s working hard at something, to build generational wealth just as I am.

Always make time to stop and admire how far you’ve come.


We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle we don’t celebrate our small victories . They matter more than the journey itself because there’s evidence of growth in every aspect of the journey itself .

I wear many hats and for years I was just a mom , wife & small business owner . I do my best to plan time where it’s just centered around my family. We do weekly Bible Studies with my mother in law, Joyce Able, as a family . The company we own “JJs Toys & More, LLC party rentals is our family owned and operated business . We often include our kids in planning, buying new units and so forth. When it comes to my music career my family supports me 100% in my journey. They encourage me to write music; sometimes my daughter Neve’Ah assists in dressing me for shows & events . Both my sons JJ & King love my music 😂 they sing it every time they hear it . They support their mom I am grateful for my kiddos .

My hubby John is my right hand man he helps with my accounting for my music and my snack line “R& B Sweets By Boss Lady DeneQuia “ . He supports my music as well. I’ve supported him for many years while he was in the United States Marine Corp. so he has my back like I had his .

Can you please share some advice for our up and coming female artists of color, as it pertains to things you wish you knew earlier on in your journey?

To any artist that’s out here pounding the mud . I would just say do things smartly, constantly work on your craft and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, build genuine connections & invest in yourself. I wish I would have opened up creativity wise more early on I would have saved myself a lot of self doubt headaches I use to experience. No wonder folks saw potential but didn’t respect it. Now they respect it but it took me believing in myself .

Your face has no value if you don’t see your own potential.


What is something you think WOC need more of; in general? And what are some ways you think we can obtain it?

We need more togetherness & less competition! How do we obtain it ?

Good question! I think we need to see each other the same & work more on being each other’s back bone rather than enemy . I see so much hate online amongst us blacks but other skin colors and/ or lifestyles it’s crazy. We forgot how to just love thy neighbor! We need to get back to that.

What’s next for you, and how can we keep in touch with your new releases and events?

I have so much more coming up . I am currently doing Amit of press from my singles “Movie” feat James Worthy, “The Mud” feat . spoat & sean Da GodsChild & “Cloud 9” feat Saint Soprano . I don’t like to do a lot of talking I am about actions . So I always tell people it’s best to just keep watch on all my social medias to see what I do next!

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