10 Summer Date Nights: FREE & Low Cost Ideas to Keep It New & Fun

As we all know Summer is right around the corner and when it comes to things to do for date night sometimes you want to keep it on a budget. A few hidden gems will allow you to have a great date night on a very reasonable budget, i.e., FREE.

Here are 10 fun and exciting things to do with your partner all while keeping your wallet out of the equation:

1. No one seems to acknowledge how fun a trip to a local food mart or farmers market can be. Free samples, laughter, and spending quality time all while snacking and eating for free. Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s are all low-key fun.

2. Even though you travel through your city daily for work, errands, etc… there is nothing like riding through a new neighborhood and exploring the world around you. Maybe there is a new development coming or maybe you are thinking about taking that next step. Either way just riding out with your spouse to check out new areas can be relaxing and adventurous all at the same time.

3. Speaking of riding out, finding free, local concerts and dancing to good music is always fun. You may stumble upon some new music that you can later dance to in the comfort of your own home for yet another spontaneous yet free date night.

4. Dinner and a movie at home has always been relaxing and intimate. These things can bring you all closer and make time more enjoyable because you now know do not have to spend a lot of money to have a good time and enjoy one another.

5. An old classic is going to the skating rink; there are certain nights where they have free entry and skate rental between certain hours. You must catch those nights quick, as they come and go very fast.

6. Whether it’s a local event or just riding out to the beach for a walk on the sand. These ideas are sure to keep your love growing and your wallet at home.

7. Seeing as though Summer is peaking why not try water events? Why not build your own slip n slide at home? Having fun and just being silly is always a good time and it also brings a spark to the relationship as well.

8. From water slides, to having game night at home these are all fun. A messy game of Twister in the backyard or front room adds a twist to it and make it frisky. That will make for a great evening. Sometimes finding ideas to do at home is all you need.

9. Download a karaoke app and sing your heart out together, mess up the words together, and laugh at old songs you use to sing as kids together. You will be surprised what song your partner had on their playlist or answering machine back in middle school and high school.

10. Sharing intentional moments together at home can be relaxing and satisfying or you can spice it up with a movie night out with friends, and laugh the night away. All of these things can be done while not worrying about spending too much, and some of these things don’t require you to spend anything at all.

While you are enjoying these free ideas you are also becoming closer with your spouse at the same time without even realizing.