Celebrity Stylist Cashe Royal Speaks on the Similarities of 1920’s & 1980’s FASHION

Hello Queen!!!! Of course we are in love with your style! – Please share with us how you got your start In Professional Styling as a career?

I got started as a professional fashion stylist with Natalie LaRose as a celebrity client through Strong Arm Records(floRida). I was always the friend or family that was asked if outfits were cute or can you go to the mall with me to get a look.

What kinds of passions and hobbies did you have as a young girl? Was fashion something you were naturally into?

As a young girl my passions and hobbies were dancing and modeling. Fashion has always been my passion.

Who were some of your FIRST style and fashion inspirations? What about them stood out to you?

My 1st style and fashion inspiration was my Dad. He was a very stylish man who wore nothing but the best. So he would always take me shopping and put me in the best. My grandmother also always liked pretty dresses so I will always shop with her as well.

When it comes to styling celebrities, did you plan for that journey or did your skill and reputation lead you there?

When it comes to styling celebrities that journey was planned for me to put my creativity on the best of the best as well as your everyday person. And as I continued to climb the styling radar my reputation led me to my celebrity clientele.

Who have been some of your favorite celebrities to work with? Is there anyone you have yet to work with but would be honored to serve?

I really don’t have a favorite celebrity that I’ve worked with , I enjoy all my clients. My goal celebrity client is Oprah.

Can you share with us your thoughts on classic vs trendy? What advice would you give to the woman who is torn between the two when it comes to their staple style?

My thoughts on classic and trendy are as follows; Classic is self explanatory. Classic will never fade or go away, however trendy is a temporary fix . The advice I will give to anyone who is torn between the two is channel your own swag, whatever works for you is the way you go.

If you could give advice to designers that are looking to get their pieces in more hands of stylists and on more bodies of icons, what would you share?

My advice to designers looking to get their designs on clients is to be creative and relatable. Have something that will catch the eye and that’s different. Clients love to be trendy but different.

Which is your favorite fashion era and why? Is there an era that’s TIMELESS to you? Why so?

My favorite fashion era is the Renaissance era and the 80s (dynasty) I loveee the fashion during those times. The flapper girls and the gloves and the stolls the sequence the furs I love it all. Now this goes back to Classic and trends. As you can see two different eras and times(20s and 80s) but still the same style.

Tell us about one of your biggest challenges you’ve overcame in this business? What was it and how did you make it through?

The biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome with becoming a fashion stylist is being able to do pulls. Once I established myself as a professional I was able to get clothes from designers and also go to showrooms and make magic with my creativity as a stylist.

What can we look forward to next from you and how can our readers connect with your work and services?

You will definitely see my work on a lot of your favs in the industry and just continue to watch my empire grow @royalfudgestyling. My online boutique is the fashion nova for grown women, shop there @royalfudgecollection. I have a book out about a chapter in my life called “Grandma Let Me Tell You” that’s selling extremely well. You can also purchase it on my boutique website www.royalfudgecollection.com You can inquire about bookings on my styling page.

Thank you all very much for the love and support