Fearless and Unapologetic; The Passion Strategist says She’s Got That “Premium Fuel”

As the saying goes “Every great dream begins with a dreamer”. Ayana Blount, known professionally as The Passion Strategist, is an award-winning speaker, host, coach, strategist, author, and podcaster. She has learned firsthand how impactful one’s mindset can be in their journey to authentic success. She is truly a “Philly girl” at heart. The Philadelphia native is as relatable as Rocky and authentic as a cheesesteak, her delicious brand of visualizing and activating success through practical steps makes her sought after by the emerging entrepreneur and the corporate change agent. Ayana worked in healthcare/healthcare administration for 20 years and in the last few years switched career paths into human resources. She has always enjoyed helping and engaging with people. In addition to onlooking or assisting them in the process of uncovering their greatness.

1.) Who is Ayana Blount?

A- Ayana is a woman, wife, mother, visionary, and genuine lover of people. She is a person who is falling in love with her life and story more and more as each chapter unfolds and learning to embrace opportunities to share her journey fearlessly so that others can and will embrace their stories unapologetically.

2.) What is a Passion Strategist?

A- A Passion Strategist is a person who sees the greatness in you and guides you to unlock the richness embedded in who you were born to be passionately. Their main tools are clarity, strategy, and accountability. This is what helps you to tap in topassion that fuels action.

3.) What fuels your passion?

A- What fuels my passion is knowing that someone else’s life will be transformed every time I give myself permission to unleash my authenticity. I have a heart for seeing others discover the greatness on the inside of them and win! My work makes a difference daily in the lives of those I am privileged to influence and impact. If that isn’t premium fuel, I don’t know what is.

4.) If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself?

A- Girl you just realized the first of many miracles and moments of manifestation in your life. Buckle your seatbelt and lean all the way in to your gifts and goals and learn to master the word NO (LOL). 

5.) How has being a mother impacted your journey?

A- Becoming a mother has been an anchor and an activator along my journey. Having the distinct honor of being a #Girlmom reminds me that everything you do despite how you feel gives her permission to believe beyond her breaking points. You are making a new level of life possible by giving yourself permission to win. IT also activated my unwavering belief that God hears and answers prayer. He loved me enough to entrust me with such a precious gift in human form that I absolutely cannot go back to doubting Him or not believing in me. Motherhood has been miraculous and powerful for me.

6.) What moment or situation made you make the decision to pivot from your old life?

A- When I discovered my two-year-old daughter walking around in my high heel shoes I had a moment of reckoning. It was cuteness overload on the surface but beyond that level God literally challenged me by asking me are you leaving her shoes worthy of walking in? At that moment I became focused by trial and error to take intentional action and make moves towards discovering my purpose and putting a plan into action. I knew I was made for more than where I was and it was time to stop reinventing to remain comfortable or acceptable to others definition of me and start representing the greatness I had been born to be out loud and in living color!!!

7.) Was it hard talking to your loved ones about your transition? Did they support you?

A- Overall it has been a very supportive place walking this journey out in front of my loved ones. Was it hard to actually say hey family I’m betting it all on me get ready for the shift- YES. So, I just did some things and when they saw me they came right along side and supported but to articulate can sometimes be challenging. Many times, we just need to begin to act even if it is with baby steps. As they say, I can show you better than I can tell you.

8.) Do you have a moment with a client that stuck out to you? If so, can you tell us about it and why?

A- Wow! One of the many moments I reflect on with a smile would be one client I had the pleasure of coaching who was also in the coaching space. Every coach needs a coach 😉. She was in the process of finding her POV and her voice but found herself being caught up in cycles of self-doubt and self-sabotage triggered by overthinking. This literally caused her to be fearful of speaking publicly. We spent several weeks of our time together just building her up while breaking down the layers of low self esteem left by the residue that can develop from not knowing the power of you. As we dug deeper and started to find the roots of these negative thoughts, it was such an amazing transformation to see her start to show up for herself and otherswith authority and authenticity. That is what this work is all about. I believe that coaching is a sacred space and when you are called to it you must honor it by being a conduit for calling to come through and develop into the life changing gift it is meant to be.

9.) What does “authentic success” mean to you?

A- Authentic Success is the act of and ability to stand firmly in front of yourself and eventually others reading the story of you, owning the chapters you have walked through and giving yourself permission to embrace, emerge, and evolve as you unapologetically accept the reality that your perceived setback was actually your superpower in disguise all along. Giving yourself permission to look in the mirror and really mean it when you say or sing All of me LOVES all of you… period.

10.) How can someone keep updated on your journey?

A- I would recommend visiting my website www.thepassionstrategist.com, subscribing to join the tribe, following me on social media platforms, and staying tuned for all of the ways that the words be taking over your world in the coming weeks and months. 

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