WOC on ClubHouse are Connecting and Bonding

WOC are uniting, building, creating, encouraging, and supporting each other in multiple ways. We are experiencing multiple degrees of healing on so many levels. We are letting go of hurts and traumas that held us in bondage.  For example, we are showing up and sharing on various social media platforms like ClubHouse. We’re sharing our stories with the expressed purposes of pushing, pulling, and helping our sisters just simply be better and do better.

It’s not about what we have or what we have accomplished. It’s about experiencing the freedoms of being who we are and doing what we have been created to do regardless of our past failures and or frustrations.

And this, our sisters, needs to be celebrated.

Ms. Keesha Carter

W2WT: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Ms. Keesha: All the way from Charlotte, NC by way of Miami, FL, my name is Keesha “La Luz” Carter and I am a single mother of a 14 ½-year-old daughter. I am a stage 3 cervical cancer survivor of 12 years who accepted the calling to be a fearless champion for women to walk in their purpose and power as she encourages healing in their mind, body, and soul. I am a speaker, author, teacher and coach, who facilitates workshops and has held events and conferences. I am also a powerhouse storyteller who is the founder of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called Serenity, Courage & Wisdom, Inc. (SC+W), where I support survivors and caregivers through the Creative Arts while bringing awareness to HPV, cervical cancer and the other gynecologic cancers.  

At the start of 2021, I was given an extension to my purpose by working with women through a new app called Clubhouse. That’s when  I started a women’s empowerment group called Hey, Girl! You Got This!® This call has released me to embrace my passion for the mental health field. So, now I am studying to be a Christian Mental Health Coach to help hurting women by encouraging them to heal. My favorite quote is, “Hey, Girl! You Got This!® is not just a movement. It’s a lifestyle — a mindset. It’s something that we work on each and every day, working on the woman in the mirror, as we strive to become the women we were created to be before we were formed in our mother’s womb.”

W2WT: Can you share with us about a time when HGYGT was just a thought?

Ms. Keesha: When I was introduced to the Clubhouse platform in 2020, I began to get excited because I knew this was an opportunity for me to get back into the rhythm of working with women again. I just didn’t know at the time it would turn out to be what it has become – a global movement to empower and encourage women to heal mind, body, and soul. January 2021 came around and my friend invited me to join Clubhouse. At the time, the app was in beta testing mode. So, the only way you could get on was through an invitation from someone who was already using the app and it was compatible only on iPhones. I pondered how I was going to engage in the app and what my purpose would be. In my prayer time with God, I came up with 3 room topic ideas. One of them was, “Hey, Girl! You Got This! (HGYGT) ®” This was something I needed to hear at the time. I felt, what better way to encourage myself and hold myself accountable than to have a room where I had to say it every single day. I was nervous about starting this new and uncharted territory for me. So after holding back for a couple of days, I scheduled a room for a Monday morning. It’s been going strong ever since. Every Monday through Friday, I wake up to encourage and empower women all over the United States and even at times across the world at 6 am EST. Then, on Saturdays, I do a mini-workshop with the ladies at 8 am EST. The other two ideas went away as HGYGT took off and began to change my life. 

W2WT: What has been your experience using ClubHouse as a platform for your vision?

Ms. Keesha: Using the Clubhouse platform for HGYGT has actually expanded my vision. Some things I thought would take years for me to do have taken place in under 10-11 months. It’s been so rewarding to meet dynamic men and women to network with, with whom I have now been able to develop awesome relationships. With the use of the Clubhouse platform, I’m able to reach more people, learn ways on how I can catapult my life and business to new and improved levels. Clubhouse is a tool that can unlock possibilities, open uncommon doors of opportunities and expand minds to know that what you thought to be impossible, is indeed possible. 

ClubHouse: @thetealeagle


FB: Hey Girl! You Got This Lounge

Mrs. Betty Leake

W2WT: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Ms. Betty: My name is Betty Leake and I live in Chester South Carolina and I work in Charlotte,  North Carolina with my amazing, supportive husband. I’m a hilarious Woman Of God, Executive Producer, Producer, TV and Podcast Host. I’m passionate about Business and Transformative coaching by connecting people to their purpose with actionable results for Entrepreneurs and Service Providers. It’s my mission to impact and empower the lives of millions of women by learning,being, and doing. I am a Spiritual Strategist who operates in boldness and clarity. I totally love what I do.

W2WT: How was Steppin’Out with Betty inspired and when did you start?

Ms. Betty: One day while watching television, I saw on the guide Tyler Perry, and then I saw Stepping out with Betty along with other prime time shows. I was like omg, I’m on prime time television and that’s when I knew it was real. Not just a figment of my imagination. Even lately,  when I was a guest on the Michael Colyer’s Show on ClubHouse. He has been a supporter and has given me the opportunity to do stand up comedy. I respect his insight about the business and I appreciate the exposure because it boosted my confidence and told me to trust and rely on God more concerning everything.

W2WT: Can you tell us about a time when you realized that Clubhouse was a good platform for your vision?

Ms. Betty: I use ClubHouse for many platforms. It has put me in contact with extraordinary people that would have taken years to build those relationships. For example, I’ve experienced being able to pour into and receive what I needed as well. As with all of these social media platforms, I have to take breaks to hear from God, self care, and spend time with my family. Overall, ClubHouse is a powerful platform and a safe place to grow and develop your business as well as serve others.

ClubHouse: @msbetty_bjl

Twitter:  @Steppin’Out with Betty

IG:  @steppinoutwithbetty

CoachDonita Munn

W2WT: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

CoachDonita: My name is Donita Munn.  I am the stigma breaking Queen helping women overcome addiction and breaking barriers that may hinder the road to recovery.  I am a certified recovery coach, conflict resolution coach, mental health christian coach, parent coach and professional development coach.   I am the owner and operator of Munns the word coaching Agency and Curves and Confidence, which is a retail clothing boutique specializing in all ladies trending designs.  I also started LivingSwell an 501 c3 alternative to incarceration housing program for youth and women.  For many years I have allowed the enemy to silence me due to me not believing in myself and allowing fear to bully me out of my life’s purpose.  I am done missing the mark and my purpose.  I have a sound and the world, especially my tribe, needs to hear my voice.

W2WT: What inspired you to become Coach Donita?

CoachDonita: I started my own program because it was very hard for me to find or keep a job due to my criminal background.  I wanted to show women if God can clean me up and turn me around he can do the same for you!  Besides, it’s nothing like having your own business breaking generational curses and leaving a legacy for my family.  I love working with women business start ups. 

W2WT: Can you tell us about a time when you realized that Clubhouse was a good platform for your vision?

CoachDonita: I have met some awesome sisters on CH and have made great connections.  It’s time that I take my club to another level.

ClunHouse: @munntheword

IG:  @coachdonita_

Coach Raylonda McClinton

W2WT: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Coach Raylonda: Hello my name is Raylonda McClinton and I am the CEO of Shining Diamond Real Estate and also ( DIVAS) Diamonds Inspiring Virtue And Success. I am a single mother of one son. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I am an Investor and a Hairstylist. I have been in the hair industry for over 30 years and also the Real Estate world for almost 8 years. I also coach people who are just starting out in real estate. 

W2WT: Can you share with us about a time when DIVAS was just a thought?

Coach Raylonda: God woke me up one day and told me to seal the names D.I.V.A.S. (Diamonds Inspiring Virtue And Success). He told me to do a women’s empowerment weekend. I didn’t know what I was doing in June of 2016. As I begin to write my mission and vision statement. I begin to write, women from all walks of life that come together to strengthen, encourage, Educate, equip, entrepreneurship, virtue, and success into the women of God. I began to laugh because I said “God it is only me, what do you mean”. He told me I was going back to get women who thought he had given up on them or they gave up on themselves and to let them know he was still there and he still has a plan for their life. My mission is to encourage women to get back up and adjust their crowns.  It has gone from one Empowerment Nov. 2016 to now this is our tenth empowerment weekend Nov 2021. We have accomplished so much. For example, DIVAS does an event every month called the Bridge The  Gap Community Event. We walk the streets of Detroit with other businesses and non-profit organizations every month serving our city. We started this in Dec. 2017, and we haven’t allowed COVID to stop us. 

W2WT: What has been your experience using ClubHouse as a platform for your vision?

Coach Raylonda: DIVAS Organization, now has women all around the world that have joined in with us and we are working on chapters. We teach women not to be part of the problem but how to become part of the solution and become change agents to better serve their own communities. I started a room on ClubHouse, which is called the Wake Up DiVAS ( Wake, Pray, Slay, Command Your Day) on Jan. 2021. ClubHouse has had a tremendous impact on my life and my organization. It has helped me to reach so many people and to witness changes in the lives of so many women. It has helped my business. I have learned so much by going into other rooms and listening. With so many testimonies, I created a space and place for women to just be themselves, to reveal so they could heal, and for that, I am truly grateful. What the ClubHouse platform has done is unite and clarify the vision because of the freedom and safety of the platform. Women have met other women. We encourage each other and most of all, in a positive God-fearing atmosphere.