Unmute Nation: An Interview with Coach Anita McDaniel

WOC are learning and experiencing the power of sharing our stories. We’re also learning that when we don’t share, it’s possible that other WOC could remain stuck and without a voice because of the fear of speaking and being vulnerable. We realize that although many of us have experienced the same traumatic experiences, it’s our individual voices spoken out loud that generates the power of each of our stories. 

Not speaking means that we’re on mute and being on mute hinders our purpose. And when we’re not walking in our purpose, we are just existing. Some of us have survived the impossible. Some of us are in survival mode. And some of us haven’t experienced survival yet.

However, it’s more to life after surviving because we need to heal. And healing is a part of being vulnerable and courageous to share  our stories. Our courage enables us to have a voice of healing for others that begins with us first. In doing so,  we awaken the possibilities of our life experiences (good and bad).  becoming a walking, talking step guide.

And with that being said….

It’s always good to have someone walk us through the steps to share our stories.

W2WTMagazine had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Anita McDaniel who is also known as the Unmute Queen of Unmute Nation.

Can you tell us who you are and what do you do?

Coach Anita: I am a wife and mother of a 10-year-old powerful son.  I am pastor of God’s newest baby into my life, Ekklesia Revival Ministries, the place where the called are equipped.  My education is in Complementary and Alternative Health.  I am a certified life coach, accredited healing and deliverance coach/minister, and soon-to-be Certified mental health coach. There will be a bridge for those with mental illness to get the help they truly need by giving them a safe haven. I am the Unmute Queen of Unmute Nation, where I help people who are shy, mute or muzzled find their powerful voice so they can release a sound that the earth has been waiting on.  

Can you tell us about a time when you were mute and how becoming unmute changed your life?  

Coach Anita:I had been quiet most of my life.  I would allow people to talk over me, for me, wait to be last, or not speak at all.  I was that person who would go to the bathroom, hoping it was complete when I came back. Then I looked around and noticed those who opened their mouths moved forward.  Those who had a voice had power.  I realized that we are genuinely voice-activated, and it moves things.  I started talking more, and things started moving when I unlocked my voice.  I started my radio/tv broadcast, A Heart to Heal, with The Glory Network.  I started writing books. Then more speaking opportunities came.  When the enemy wanted to keep me behind my wall, God tore my wall down and put me in the forefront.  It has been utterly life-changing to the point where my 10 year old used to say “I’m shy” all the time. After hearing me and correcting him, he said I’m not shy.  If I just talk, it’s not that bad.  

You mention strategy a lot. How does that correlate with becoming unmute?

Coach Anita:That’s a good question.  I finally understood that the enemy’s tactic was to keep me quiet and used some people around me for it.  I began seeing his strategies and then went to God to understand what was going on and gain my strategy.  I started with a confidence coach, and the group of ladies pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.  The primary approach is to understand you and your gifts and talents.  Knowing that being shy is another word for fear will help you not want to walk in fear every day.  Every day, tell yourself I have no fear, nor do I walk in fear.  Opportunities do not hurt even if you feel as if you fail them.  They only build and process you.  That should be the mindset shift to you only failing when you don’t try.  It doesn’t hurt you to try; it pulls you never to move.

What does believing one has value mean to you?

Coach Anita:The scripture Psalm 139:14 came to me where it says, I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful is your work, my soul knows it very well.  Every day God reminds me that I was created in his image with the mind of Christ, and it makes me look at the value and worth they have over them.  They have nothing to worry about, and they know who they are and don’t question it.  That’s the grace we have for our lives and how we should value ourselves.

How do you handle stress and setbacks?

Coach Anita: I call setbacks just a breather to regroup and refocus.  I had to learn not to look at things negatively but see what I was supposed to learn, what can I gain, and keep moving forward. I would walk, read, and just spend time with God with the stress, so the pressure didn’t sit on me.  If I allowed it to stay, I would halt my process and sometimes just stop.

What role does forgiving have in your message?

Coach Anita: I’ve learned that unforgiveness hinders progress and leaves a hole in the soul that you sometimes have no clue is there. You are trying to move forward and can’t understand why. Sometimes, you have to have a heart check and make sure your heart is right with everyone. Forgive even when you don’t think they deserve it. Forgiveness is never about the other person; it’s about you. How can you walk with God but have discord in your heart for your brother or sister? It just doesn’t work. Forgive and forgive quickly.

Do you have a mentor and how important is having one?

Coach Anita: Yes, I have a mentor, a coach, and other support. I can’t make this journey alone. I need a team, and my team includes my mentor. I have mentors for different areas in my life. You need someone who can help you see things that you can’t see, hear things you may not be able to hear, and push you beyond what you think you can do. You may be good, but they can move you to be better. That’s why a mentor is essential, and you don’t have to limit it to just one. It’s accountability and progression.

How important is the ability to heal?

Coach Anita: We make healing so hard. God created us to heal. Whatever is wounded, God said he can heal. Jeremiah 30:17, “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord.” This scripture was a declaration to us meaning that this is His heart for all of us to walk in our healing. All it takes is releasing offense, pain, rejection, and so much more and knowing that being healed is your birthright.

What advice can you give about self confidence?

Coach Anita: Confidence is a gain changer, and it looks great on everyone. One piece of advice I can give is to stop comparing yourself to other people. God created you to be different. He also created you to be unique. Everything about you is different and having confidence is owning who you are and who God created you to be. If you don’t know how to do that, then create a relationship with yourself, allow God to be a part of that friendship, and watch your life start changing overnight.

What can we expect to see from Anita McDaniel in 2022?

Coach Anita: 2022 for Anita McDaniel will be full of surprises. You should expect a book to be out that I am part of a collaboration on in February. You should also see my 5th book out next year. There will be masterclasses and events coming your way. You will hear Anita’s voice more as she fulfills her mandate, unlocking and activating the powerful voices of those that are shy, mute, and muzzled. You will see her push the underdogs to places they never imagined they could because God is about to equip for the Kingdom what others have dropped. It’s time for them to unmute themselves.