Beauty Boss Shaniece Govan says NEVER GIVE UP & Explains “Purpose Out Of Poverty”

From her business savvy to her beauty expertise, Shaniece Govan is making her mark in the cosmetology industry while constantly reminding women to “never settle, settling is a mediocre trait.” A proud graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (with honors), the master cosmetologist, serial entrepeneur, and author is no stranger to overcoming adversity by any means. In her book “Purpose Out of Poverty”, Shaniece details growing up in less than fortunate circumstances and how knowledge and faith helped her sustain her entrepeneurial drive for success.

Today, the Boss Babe is the owner of multiple businesses located in both Georgia and Florida, including Shaniece Hair Beauty Loft and her most recent launch, Kandi Kurves. She also impacts hundreds of women every year with multiple women empowerment and business networking events, as well as content catered to uplifting female Black business owners and young women nationwide.

Share with the readers a little about who Shaniece is as a person?

I am a dedicated and loving individual. Very nurturing and a God fearing woman. I am really fun and outgoing.

What life experiences set you on your path towards entrepreneurship?

 I grew up knowing the way in which I never wanted to be and how breaking generational curses was essential for me. 

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is a top tier HBCU located on the highest of seven hills in Tallahassee, Florida. Please also share with the readers how your experiences in college set you on your path to entrepreneurship.

First let me add Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University changed my life. Their culture leads to success. I gain many life skills along with a  lifetime of relationships. Attending FAMU truly cultivated me into the woman I am today, along with being at the top of my best life experience. 

Tell us about your book and explain to the readers what it means to make ‘Purpose out of Poverty’ ?

 “Purpose out of Poverty” explains a little bit about my life and how I was raised as well as the trials and tribulations I endeavored that lead to new levels, as well as the journey on curating and event planning. 

You own multiple businesses, briefly describe your products and services. (Please include how your products and services set you apart from other businesses offering the same or similar products and services.)

Yes, I do. I recently opened a beauty loft. I also offer several products including hair, lashes, make up,extensions, clothes and  hair care products such as growth oil, lace erase glue, and heat protectant wax sticks. I believe every woman loves convenience and we cater to the everyday needs of women. It’s an experience at the “SH Beauty Loft”, I wanted to create an environment where women can feel catered to not only in their beauty needs, but comfortable personally as well.

Sweet Smokez Hookah is a mobile hookah service where we do private events. We’re in Atlanta where everyone loves hookah! We literally bring the staff the hookahs, providing convenience and comfortability to any atmosphere. 

Shop IKANDi is a boutique that is for women no matter the occasion. We also provide accessories that compliment any lifestyle or event.

Kandi kurves is my new baby I am about to birth. It’s shapewear (waist wraps, shapers, fajas & more) for women of all sizes. The goal is to create confidence, one Kurve at a time.

What has been your greatest success in business to date?

Actually still going and being successful. Being able to actually create and seeing my fruits making a difference in the world.

What has been your greatest challenge in business and how have you worked through or overcome them?

My greatest challenge has been expanding. Over time I’ve learned to trust people to help me along the way. 

What advice would you give an individual looking to embark on the path of entrepreneurship?

If God granted you the vision it’s for you. NEVER give up. He will give you more along the way. 

What advice would you give to young women going through life’s many adversities regarding staying focused and keeping their energy goal minded?

God first! Write down everything, and never stop learning.

Where is your favorite place to ‘be at peace’, your happy place?

The spa or a vacation. 

How do you maintain work, life balance?

I literally am working on that everyday. However, I have a strict schedule I try to stick to.  

Share with the readers any final thoughts you would want them to know about you and your brand(s).

It’s really only the beginning for me.

Share all the ways our readers can connect with you (include website, social media account handles and email)