An Interview with Lauren ‘LC’ Wells: Expert in Holistic Nutrition, Gut Health, Functional Movement and Spiritual Wellness

“The rules of wellness have changed, and eating healthy doesn’t need to be a daily chore but a pleasurable experience.”

Lauren Wells aka ‘LC’

It was a breath of fresh air to sit and talk candidly with Lauren Wells, and understand what it means to ‘Thrive with LC’, discussing holistic health and wellness. Lauren ‘LC’ Wells is a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. LC is an expert in Holistic Nutrition, Gut Health, Functional Movement and Spiritual Wellness.

Who is Lauren Wells?

“I’ve thrived in the health and wellness space for eight years, I started as a fitness trainer and grew from there. I am known as the Gut Health Bestie. I am an intuitive healer and certified nutrition coach. I definitely love to create an impactful healing experience in life, both personally and professionally. I am the founder of Hervival, a holistic wellness and selfcare brand. We are our own community and a digital sanctuary for women of color who are holistic wellness and selfcare seekers. We provide them access to resources and tools that offers support on their health and wellness journey. I went to a vocational high school and I started studying nursing. I shifted from the western philosophy to more of an eastern philosophy of health and wellness, because the western is more about caring for the body after symptoms present themselves. On the contrary, eastern philosophy focuses on maintenance of wellness and preventative care and natural remedies. I went to college in Maryland and studied rehabilitation. I then found an interest in occupational therapy, and when I was enlisting into the navy I got into fitness. Although I was unable to serve due to injury, my passion for fitness heightened. I kept up with the fitness routine for years and overtime started my own company. I had people calling me their trainer, and going to the gym with me, therefore I decided that I needed to pursue this as a career.”

What sparked your passion to create a business that supports women’s health?

“Of course, being a woman I wanted to be able to provide something that helps us in getting to know our bodies. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and my hormones were out of sync. I started doing a bit more research, started detoxing and became a detox coach. I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases which helped me to realize there is something far deeper than just going to the gym, working out and eating okay. Shifting from a weight loss perspective to a health perspective, I focused on gut health. Seventy percent of your immune system is your gut, a contributing factor in having autoimmune concerns and hormonal imbalances. I started realizing that there is so much women don’t know about their bodies. This is why I focus on gut health and hormones and helping in that capacity. Women are the backbone of the world and we tend to put everyone else first. We don’t take the time to educate ourselves on holistic health and wellness. I wanted to create a safe haven for women to discuss the health issues that we have through education and providing resources and tools to support better holistic health.”

What products and services are offered through Thrive with LC?

“I offer fitness training. As of right now, I do not offer one on one training, however I have a class called Curlsweat which is a virtual group fitness class.

I have a membership subscription that is called Hervival. Under this umbrella I offer a free Facebook group. I too have a digital resource where clients can create a membership and download the app that goes along with it. I work individually with clients on nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Under the Divine Alignment Program, I host group sessions each quarter throughout the year. With this program, I work with a small container of clients. This program is an eight week self-mastery program on gut health and energy healing. The maximum number of clients I accept per eight week group coaching is twelve. I bring together the mind, body and spirit aspect with the coaching sessions.

Membership – Group Coaching – Individual one on one sessions – VIP clients

What does success mean to you? How would you define it?

“When you’re in a space of full integrity and wholeness regarding who you are and what you do. It’s not always about money, but rather about feeling complete and whole with full integrity, and loving who you are and how you serve in any capacity is success to me.

What have been your greatest challenges in business? What advice would you give new entrepreneurs when handling such challenges in business?

Entrepreneurship is definitely a beautiful, chaotic rollercoaster. I am very gifted and multifaceted in so many ways, but understanding that I needed to find my niche was a challenge. Working with women of color was the niche I wanted to focus on. Initially I was hesitant on a personal level with saying that my focus is serving women of color, because my intention was not to exclude other individuals interested in my services. I didn’t want to feel like I was sitting in one space. I realized that if this is my niche of who I best serve, then it what it is. I do have clients that are not women of color including men.

My biggest adversity came when the pandemic hit. At the time I was solely working as a fitness trainer, but when the gyms closed my entire business took a halt. With the changing trends, I had to be still and figure out how I wanted to serve. I always wanted to be virtual, and the pandemic sparked that change for me. I had to adapt, and while it was a challenge and required me to step out of my comfort zone, it worked out in my favor. I expanded my business by going virtual. I am able to serve clients internationally, not just in New York. It’s true, change can be uncomfortable and scary and stepping out of your comfort zone is a challenge, but it always works out in your best favor.

Under the masterclass section of your website, the quote you shared truly resonates.

“You can make choices that work for you instead of against you with these simple steps.”

Lauren’s video on nutrition and vitamin health reveals that she is giving women an opportunity to make informed decisions regarding health care choices and purchases. Her intention to have women be more intentional with their choices shines through in the work that she does.

Are there any final thoughts you’d like to share with the readers?

“Try to keep it holistic, realistic and simplistic. Go with the flow of what feels good for you in all capacities. Always keep the things that work best for your mind, body and spirit in the forefront.

A change is coming! Women are focusing more on their health and wellness, understanding that in order to serve and be here for our loved ones we must first learn to take better holistic care of ourselves. It was a privilege to chat with Lauren ‘LC’ Wells. Connect and Thrive with ‘LC’ today, thank us later!


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