She’s True To This, Not New To This: Six Figure Trucking Academy

A look into the world of Six Figure Trucking Academy owner and CEO, Delphine Foster:

In today’s world, women are stepping up and taking over what is considered a “male” dominated industry. From sports, construction, engineering, technology, and more! At this moment, we caught up with a BOSS that is “true” to this, not “new” to this! Her name is Delphine Foster. She is the SHE-E-O of Six Figure Trucking Academy, a company that has been making waves for women in the trucking industry for the past 24 years. After speaking with her, we’re all definitely considering buying a semi!  

W2WT: In your words, tell our readers who is Delphine Foster? 

DF: Delphine Foster is an extremely successful and highly sought-after trucking industry expert. She specializes in helping women enter the transportation industry as business owners and also helps existing transportation business owners become successful and SCALE. She gives these transformations by utilizing her successful strategies that she has created from being in industry 20 plus years in the industry, create, build, grow, and scale their business to six or seven figures quickly by implementing proven practical strategies with the freedom to live as they please, while getting amazing results for her clients. 

W2WT: Can you give a little detail about your upbringing?  

DF: I was raised on the Easten Shore of Maryland in a 2- parent home.  Both parents were entrepreneurs. My father owned a small trucking business and my mother cleaned houses.  

W2WT: We see that you purchased your very first semi-truck back in 1997, can you explain the inspiration behind that?  

DF: Yes, I was going through a nasty divorce and had a 2-year-old baby girl living on West Coast on section 8 and welfare in a deep depression. I always knew trucking was a game changer, but still no guidance on how to proceed. Believe it or not my father was against the idea, so WA State welfare had a program that if you agreed to go off welfare and not come back on for a year, they would give 10 months welfare up front. I took that chance and used that $4400 towards my truck and my business.  

W2WT: When did you learn how to drive a semi? Who taught you?  

DF: I Always played around in trucks as a kid since I rode with father as a child, but the welfare also paid for me to go to truck driving school along with my grant that I was awarded.  

W2WT: What is the best part about having a trucking business? 

DF:  FREEDOM! Financially unlimited earning potential can bless so many people with jobs. I never have to worry about being broke. If I need anything my trucking business will and has supplied it.  

W2WT: What separates you from the rest?  

DF: Not many people been in the industry as long as I have and I’m serious and intentional about helping each woman get her truck up and running.  

W2WT: What, if any adversary did you have to face being a woman in the trucking industry?  

DF: None. I hear women saying that all the time, but it is impossible to have adversary if you show up as a professional. That is what I show the ladies how to do when it comes to understanding terminology and the industry.  

W2WT: Can you tell us about the Six Figure Trucking Academy?  

DF: Six Figure Trucking Academy was created by a woman for women that are wanting to create income and use trucking as that vessel. It is a safe space to teach, learn and connect. Intrigued women can also feel free to ask any and all questions and get the right answer before attending the Academy.  

W2WT: What advice would you give to the next woman reading this right now, but is unsure about getting into trucking?  

DF: We women have all sorts of interests. Why not have a truck operating as one of her portfolio investments? The only reason women don’t do it is because they don’t know how and that is where i come in!  

W2WT: Are there any events, or classes that you have coming up that we should know about?  

DF: My signature 3-day trucking intensive where I host ladies in major cities around the country teaching them how to start their business, and how to use the resources in their area. I am also partnering with a major nonprofit that serves deserving single mothers for my truck giveaway to help a favored one maximize on her legacy that she is leaving for her family. For more information on how to connect with me, please visit my website @sixfiguretruckingacademy | Linktree.  

To keep up with the journey of this phenomenal Woman of Color, please follow her on Instagram @sixfiguretruckingacademy.