Right Person, Wrong Time? + Self-Care Tips in the Interim of Dating

When you meet the right person, you expect it to be this magical thing that we always see in movies, books, etc. The reality of it is that sometimes we meet people, and the timing is perfect; then there are instances where you meet the right person at the wrong time. This person, this feeling, this love creeps upon you out of nowhere and now you are wondering am I with the right person or what should I do now?

This is more common than a lot of us think and care to admit. Hence, Will Smith has stated in an interview on The Red Table Talk, he felt he was in the wrong marriage while married to his first wife Sheree Zampino. Richard Lawson, Tina Knowles’s 2nd husband stated in an interview with Essence Magazine on April 14, 2021, he was in love with Tina, but she was married and pregnant when they first met. Sometimes who we feel is our soulmate, life partner, our everything, may not be who we’re supposed to be with.

Life has a way of bringing who your heart wants, loves, and needs. It’s normal to question yourself and the outcome. Do I love my current significant other? Am I a bad person? These questions are normal given the situation. In these cases, do you act on those feelings at the moment? It can be hard to sit back and wait to see what happens, but given the fact you have a partner, you continue to live life and see what comes your way.

That feeling can be dreadful in the beginning but in due time, it may be sorted out. Besides having a partner, so many other things play a role in the right person wrong time scenario. You both may be working on yourself. From short-term to long-term goals, and that might make you all clash. One of you may have a blossoming career and you just do not have the time to focus on a relationship, but this person is the one! Maybe you just do not have the time nor the energy to put into making it work; so it fades and that’s truly not how you want it to end. You don’t want it to end at all, but the demand of the career, or lack of time, puts weight on the relationship. — A lot happens when in these situations.

One person may have stronger feelings than the other; or what’s extremely hard is living far apart. We try the long-distance thing, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. That old saying let it go and if it’s meant to be it will come back. That sounds so easy to do, but when your feelings have gotten wrapped up it may be hard to just walk away from it.

Our advice is never to force anything; let life and love happen. Sometimes it needs time to marinate like a good pot of gumbo, and come back the correct way when the timing is right. When the universe knows you, both will have the time and space to make it work and truly enjoy each other. Become the best version of yourself so that you can give your all to that person. Remember good things come to those who wait.

Self-Care Tips in the Interim of Dating:

• Long Baths

• Journaling

• Traveling

• Furthering Education

• Physical Fitness

• Mental Healthcare

• Girls Nights Out

• Reading

• Praying

• Learning Family History

• Building Personal Assets