V-Steaming and Its Many Benefits for SEX

Ladies if we can get a little personal, we’d like to discuss V-Steaming and the effects it has on sex. This craze seems to have come out of nowhere, right? Wrong! Vaginal steaming has been practiced for quite a while in countries like Africa, Asia, and many places in Central America. It gained it’s more recently widespread attention here in the states around 2010, after an article in the LA Times was published. The topic then made global headlines in 2015 after a promotion done by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

What is V-Steaming and how does this help me?

A vaginal steam, V-Steam for short, is an alternative health treatment but is also a known method of personal self care, that may be described as an ancient Korean treatment for female, reproductive organ ailments and maintenance.

So, what is the process and how do I do this? — Is this done at a spa, or can I do this at home?

To answer your questions, yes, and yes! You can do this in the comfort of your own home with the proper supplies and equipment, and yes you can also choose to go to a spa, or have a mobile specialist come to you. If you want to just have some good quality girl time then make it a spa day and get your ‘yoni’ steamed!

If you don’t feel like making any moves and need some me time, V-Steaming has surely become a popular choice of getting the job done, while practicing good health habits.

Now what exactly is the process?

It’s really is simple! It consists of a woman squatting or sitting over steaming water that contains herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, wormwood, and basil. — Although steaming has some great benefits there are also some risks like everything else, there is always possible side effects like an allergic reaction; or there have been some cases of second degree burns if the steam is too close. Do your research before doing trying new trends and practices and consult your doctors as well to be sure it’s something good for you. With similar goals of safety and thoroughness, before you decide to allow anyone to give you a v-steam, do your research on them as well.

Always know what you are about to get yourself into before you get yourself into it. We’ve come across a platform called Pink Boss University, and the young lady has a segment where she gives what she calls “Free Coochie Game” where she takes a few moments and gives tips and tricks about the intimate benefits of V-Steaming, and how this helps you in the bedroom. She gives insight on how she adds some flavor to hers, and the women love it, as well as their significant others. — Her trick is honey.

Now, when we first heard her say honey, we zoomed in, because we use honey to cook, not to steam the hello area! — She uses the honey in the steam, and not only does she share that it kills yeast infections, but she says it will leave you tasting sweet. Vaginal steaming is also known to reduce pain that you may have from intercourse, and it can add extra moisture. V-Steams or “yoni steams” can assist with getting the vagina’s PH balance and tissues aligned again.

Yoni steams are said to make intercourse a lot better because women are reporting to have stronger and more frequent orgasms. We can see why more women are making appointments and incorporating it into their routines after checking this process out. We can appreciate the resurfacing of this old-time tradition, and we’re looking forward to the benefits this experience and process will have on the culture.

A few benefits of V-Steam/Yoni Steam:

  • Can promote fertility
  • Increases libido and increases sensual passion
  • An accessory to healing from emotional or sexual trauma
  • Reduces uterine fibroids
  • Detoxifies the womb and removes toxins from the body