Detroit Boutique Owner Alexis Spice, Persevered Her Way to Success: We Have the Story!

Alexis Spice is the fashion boutique owner that you must know! The Detroit based entrepreneur is the owner of Spice Boutique. She’s spicing up fashion wardrobes for curvy women everywhere. Her sense of style and swag transformed into her current small business venture back in 2015. The teen mom decided to embark on her new journey to break barriers towards her success. With a background career in special education, her clothing boutique offerings can be seen in the classroom or even date night.

How did you initially enter into the fashion industry?

 I struggled with finding quality jeans to fit my curves. The jeans would also be too big around my waist and not comfortable to wear. So I decided to source out quality jeans especially for curvy women.

What did you learn from your teen years that applied to the shift in your lifestyle, becoming a business owner?

In my teen years I learned to never give up. That mindset has helped me in my entrepreneurial journey because everyday is a roller coaster and giving up just isn’t an option. 

How did you know you could do it? What were some things you did to keep faith and motivation in your goals?

I knew I could do it because I saw other women doing it, that was my motivation. I keep faith in my goals by applying effort each day and acknowledging the small wins. The small wins are very important because they keep you encouraged.

Were there any people or brands that helped you along the way or inspired any of your moves?

My family helped me along the way. From working in my store location to brainstorming ideas, they have been very helpful and apart of my success since day one.

Was there anything in particular you had to learn about the boutique/fashion industry in order to be successful?

I had to learn how to delegate tasks to my team in order for my business to grow.

What separates your brand and boutique from others we see online and in person?

We cater to the everyday working woman who loves to be sexy, fly, and fierce. Our models are natural women that you’ll see in the grocery store or at the mall shopping. We use models that our customers can relate to. We offer quality clothing and quality service at an affordable price.

We love that you have options for all women. Tell us about your brand’s versatility?

Spice caters to women of all sizes and shapes. To be sexy, fly, and fierce doesn’t require a specific size so we wanted to include all women in our brand.

Tell us a story about a time you underestimated yourself, but you came out on top!

In the first year of business sales we’re extremely slow and I thought I made a huge mistake with opening a store. After relocating, things turned out for the better. I was extremely happy and haven’t stopped working hard since then.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with those looking to start their own clothing brand or boutique?

I would advise anyone who wants to start a boutique to get a mentor rather it’s someone on social media, YouTube, or a local business owner. Research as much as you can and be prepared to work.