Feeling STUCK? ‘ReHope’ Coach Williams Shares Tips for Handling Difficulties During the Holidays

Nydria’s mother-brand is Revitalized Hope and Healing which consists of Consulting, Coaching and Counseling (Christian Counseling). Being a woman with many titles has always been a dream of Nydria’s. Since 2018, she has been a Certified Ordained Reverend and Associate Minister at her church, as well as a Certified F-CBT. Nydria has faced many life-threatening experiences, but depending on God’s will, she has been able to conquer her goals.

Tell us the story of how and when you discovered you wanted to help others as a career and lifestyle!

As a young child helping came naturally. My grandmother taught me about serving and helping others, she would have my cousin and I help an elderly neighbor on her block with things around her house. When I got older my grandmother would take me to events at church to serve. I gravitated toward careers in the service industry. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business General Management and Human Resources with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Then I switched over to mental health for my master’s with a degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology.

There were several times in life that I was knocked down, overcame rejection, and abuse. I was left without hope for my future. I ran closer to Him and He, the Lord, showed me the way. I developed a need to help others that I saw struggling in the same fashion. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. The dream was never really about me; it was about what I wanted to do for other people. The hope I developed changed my life and legacy for my family. I wanted to pay it forward because there is a future connected to one’s hope.

Tell us a little about your childhood and young adult life. What are some things you know now that you would tell your younger self?

On the outside looking in it would appear to seem perfect, like a perfect picture, but there was so much going on behind the scenes. I would go to school each day- grade school/junior high and high school, masking pain, discord and secrets. I was an overachiever. If I didn’t achieve good grades, I was punished otherwise plus that’s how I was noticed. I didn’t receive love and affection; in normal ways it was through money and things. 

 I felt rejected in all areas of life as a child, hard to make and keep friends and into my adult life, the same, never really fitting in. This made me always think outside of the box, no one could box me in. I was creative from a young child, so whatever didn’t work out for me as an adult, I would pave my own path. I held fast to my dreams and my dreams were very big, so big people thought I was foolish! I was shut down a lot, people would tell me to do things the conventional way, that my dreams weren’t possible, irrational, or simply they don’t happen where I am from. I kept my dreams in my heart and I would keep writing them down, thinking about them and planning them out. 

 After overcoming hurt, loss, abuse, depression, I kept dealing with challenge after challenge with life that would leave me asking why me? Always a setback, I would be pushed forward and then set so far back. People would question my faith, like if God is all of that, why does your life end up how it is? But I knew God had a master plan! 

 I grew stronger in faith, in obedience and focused on what mattered. Once I followed his plan and not mine, things started happening, the sun started shining. 

I would tell my younger self, that God loves you and nothing else, no one else matters. Listen to that inner voice and not the voice of others. 

How did you come up with the name, ReHope, for your brand?

Revitalized Hope/ ReHope was established because I wanted a brand that signified that you could reclaim your hope that was lost. You can relive and renew your spirit and hope can be established again. People are stuck because they don’t believe things are possible because their hope has been killed, hope must be revived!

We see you are a Co-Author of a new informational book! – Tell us about that and what we can expect there?

Yes, I am so excited about this Anthology Radical Woman: 1 in a Million. It is a compilation of stories In, Radical Woman: 1 In A Million, 11 authors share stories of how they developed Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes, and Losses. The title of my chapter is “What Ever Happened to a Dream Deserved?”, I share my story of how I grew up, and my transformation from hopelessness to obtaining Dreams Deserved. I share the steps and the principles I used to get there, to help me reach my goals and dreams. I use these principles to help women across the world demand what they deserve.

How do you feel about the business world sisterhood? What has your experience been like as a female entrepreneur of color?

In my era I have seen a lot of things regarding the business world in sisterhood in a negative way. I will say there was a time where I didn’t see much sisterhood and support. There wasn’t much opportunity for Women of Color to grow and compete with the market, but the game has changed. Female Entrepreneurship for Women of Color has been on the rise, statistics state that 5.4 million firms are majority owned by women of color in the U.S. Female Entrepreneurship for Women of Color has been on the rise, what has formally been known as a “side hustle mentality” has been turned into full time career mentality. We are no longer frightened; we are getting to know their value and worth. We are supporting one another more, building each other up and networking. 

We are really excited about your New Podcast launch! – Tell us about that and what we can look forward to in that space.

The Hope After Storms Podcast is Launching December 15th and I am so excited about this. It was another thing on my vision board to be checked off. I get to provide a platform for women who are in need of a safe place, reassurance, looking to build a network or need to be connected. 

This Podcast will be for the Woman who has been misunderstood, overlooked, felt they have been the problem and are dealing with life’s challenges. If you know you deserve better this Podcast is for you! You will get advice and tools through answering listener letters and interviews from guests.

As we approach the Holidays, can you share a few tips for WOC who feel stuck and stagnant, and don’t want to allow themselves to enjoy the season?

As most people feel this is the most wonderful time of the year, this can be the most difficult time for many.

Women of color feel we must be “strong”, tell someone that you’re not feeling okay. This step is a form of being strong!

If you don’t want to host family or a dinner, speak up.

If you are uncomfortable around a certain family member because of a trauma, create a boundary.

If you feel like there are dreams and goals you haven’t accomplished and you’re approaching the end of the year, give yourself permission to recalculate. It’s okay to say, I need more time, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Remember to create a space for yourself while the kids are home for the holidays, you need to continue to take care of yourself, so you will be able to take care of everyone else.

Date night is still important, even if you have a special night at home, how you start is how you finish with you mate, keep it spicy!

Are there any influential people that inspire you throughout journey? – Please share with us also some of your favorite role models!

My Pastor Rev. Dr. Alexander G. Houston and First Lady Erika Houston and Pastor Dr. Ernest R. Flores, Priscilla Shirer, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Trent Shelton, Michelle Obama, Sarah Jakes Roberts and Cindy Trimm.

What do you do when you face a big challenge that you didn’t see coming? How do you handle thing when life gets overwhelming?

I pray, I sit and take a time out with God. I used to find myself so busy that I would be distracted and I would not be able to listen. Now I slow down, and I allow myself time to sit around to have the opportunity to listen when He gives me the answers I need. 

When life gets overwhelming, I realize how much I am not in control, and I submit fully unto the Lord and let him have His way. I start writing in my journal, reading scriptures, and getting in his presence more often, so that I am not focused so much on what is stressing me. I will do this first. 

Then I start creating task lists. For the day, I will create a list so that I can get organized and see that I am accomplishing things, only the things and projects that He wants me to work on or to be a part of. 

I seek wise counsel, so that is leadership/advice and/or my own therapist/coach. Therapists need therapists, teachers need teachers and coaches need coaches. 

I feed my brain. I am forever trying to learn. So, I will make sure I am reading or listening to something that is feeding my soul, so that I can refuel. I need to be able to give to others if I am empty, how can I pour into anyone else. 

Can you please share with us some things you’d like to see change within womanhood and specifically the WOC community?

My dream is that one day women of color will stop settling, being in pain and obtain all that they deserve and after the years of being overlooked and misunderstood have left them feeling hopeless. The pain and suffering stagnate our future generations. In my work I encounter women of color who are dealing with issues that hinder them from moving forward in life and this transcends onto their offspring. Helping to break the cycle will create a brighter and stronger future for our generations to come. We are stronger when our minds are healthier. Healthier minds are connected to their legacy which is our future leaders of the world!

Are there any other projects we can look forward to this season from ReHope Coach Williams?

We have the Podcast, which is launching December 15th, the Radical Woman: 1 in a Million is now available for pre-order on Amazon but officially releases December 29th. I will be touring virtually for the book release so please follow me on social media for updates on the tour.

How can our readers get and stay connected with you and your works?

I can be found on IG:  @rehope_healing, @rehopecoachwilliams

and the website: www.revitalizedhopeandhealing.com