70 Year Old, Vegan Chef Babette drops Life-Nourishing Gems: Says She is on NO MEDICATIONS!

We all have different things that motivate us into reaching goals and acquiring success. We all travel different roads along life’s journey. And most of us aspire to reach our goals in life by a certain age and then retire because we think that’s it. However, W2WT had the pleasure of witnessing what life could and should be like when some of us are retiring. 

W2WT isn’t saying that retiring to sitting on your porch, watching your grandchildren play, sipping on what you sippin on, is obsolete. What we are saying is that we do have the option to remain active in our careers well after retirement age. And those options are favorable when health and wellness are the focus.

So with that being said, check out this interview with Chef Babette because she is an inspiring WOC who is living her best life and is also highly motivated about fitness, health and wellness.

If this is what 70 can look like, then we’re all in!

W2WT: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Chef Babette: My name is Chef Babette and I am a vegan and a vegan Chef, co-owner of Stuff I Eat restaurant in Inglewood, CA. I am also a fitness enthusiast, a great grandmother and turning 71 in December 2021.

W2WT: You look amazing. How do you maintain your health and wellness?

Chef Babette: It has been said to me that it must be genetic, and I beg to differ. I’m not saying that genes do not play a part in how we age, but I do know that if you saw my younger sister, who chose a very different life path than I did you would not equate how I look to genetics. I believe that my diet, specifically being a vegan, and my joy for exercising and staying active is the main reason I am vibrant, energetic and healthy. I am on no medications, and whenever I do feel a bit sluggish, or worn down, I rest and nourish my body with natural remedies.  

W2WT: What motivates you to keep going even during tough times?

Chef Babette: The excitement of living. I have lived through so many challenges, reinvented myself multiple times, and each time landed on my feet. I never let negative experiences define me, however, I used them as tools for growth. The more I found myself able to push through one “obstacle” or the appearance thereof, It was motivation for me to push through all of them. Besides, I love living. I love seeing what might be next for me and experiencing new things. Life is too short not to enjoy every second. And sometimes those seconds might be me lying in my bed and watching a good movie.

W2WT: Can you tell us about a time when health and wellness wasn’t a part of your life and how did you transition?

Chef Babette: I grew up with a single mother, who sent me to a babysitter while she worked. Neither my mother or the babysitter had knowledge about the ingredients in the foods I was being fed. I ate, as most families did back in the day, products that contained lots of refined sugar and bleached flour. Severe eczema, and digestive issues, were amongst a few of my physical issues. And along with being emotionally abused by my babysitter and physically abused by my mother’s ex and a few others; I partook in the crack cocaine error, I had my share of unhealthiness.

It wasn’t until I turned 40 years old, that I mean my current husband Rondal, who introduced me to eating vegan. He made me a delicious vegan dinner and I did not miss meat, and immediately felt better after I ate. I purchased and read two books; Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond and Mucusless Diet- by Arnold Ehret and that changed my life.

Fitness comes with the territory. It was important for me to not only feel good on the inside, but also stay active so as I age, I am able to get up off the ground without the need for life alert.

W2WT: What pushes you to continue to do what you love to do?

Chef Babette: Simple enough. I love my lifestyle. I love the fact that I’m almost 71 and I live without ailments and medications. I love being an inspiration and motivating others to live their best lives. I love my vegan lifestyle and supporting the planet and animals.

W2WT: Can you share with us how you handle family and all that you do?

Chef Babette: My daughter is older now and has her own family, so my family responsibilities are not as hands on as they once were. Regarding the restaurant, my days start around 4am, when I go into the restaurant and prep all the food for that day. I like all my vegetables, and menu items to be fresh so each morning I have to make sure we have enough for that day. 

Before covid, I was also very busy with public speaking, so lots of traveling and appearances were on my schedule. We are just gearing back up for appearances, so I’m sure that will pick up soon. My workouts vary, but are usually done on the days when I know the restaurant will be closed. I get up early and hit the park or the gym, and when I cannot go someplace to workout, I have my equipment at home. Lastly, on Sundays, I do my streaming show with Terrah Bennett Smith:Sunday Bites & Tidbits, which we are also gearing back up to start again. And for fun I sometimes get the chance to be an actress on television shows. Like I said, I am always reinventing myself. 

W2WT: You discuss various topics that make your audience rethink life. What processes do you undergo before you present your topics?

Chef Babette:There is no real process. I just put myself in another’s shoes. What grabs my attention when I’m in the audience is how relatable and honest the speaker is. I want to know the truth, and when someone shares their real life experiences with me, I am engaged, and most likely will want to know more.

W2WT: What advice do you have for the mature WOC starting to focus on health and wellness?

Chef Babette: It’s never too late. There are so many outlets, Youtube, Instagram, Netflix, available now. Youtube has 10 minute workout videos for those who are just getting started, there are healthy eating plans, and for those thinking about transitioning, you’ll find many recipes, podcasts, etc. with the knowledge on how to make the change. The key is just to get started. 

W2WT: Do you have a mentor and do you recommend a mentor?

Chef Babette: No, I don’t have a mentor and I don’t have anyone to recommend. That’s such a personal thing, so it’s important to find someone who speaks to the individual’s personality and needs. There are so many individuals who are willing to be of service to those on their journey for change.

W2WT: What new and exciting things can we expect to see from ChefBabette?

Chef Babette: I am recurring in the new television series: The Wright Turn.  The show I co-host, Sunday Bites & Tidbits has some new and exciting updates, which includes a podcast, and a new tv network. But in the meantime, please feel free to follow us on youtube and facebook@chefbabette, and instagram @reclaimhaven.