Jayda Cheaves Graces the October Cover of MEFEATER & Celebrates with Burlesque Themed Party

Sisssssss!!!!! Did you miss it???? — We are here to catch you up!!!!


Millionaire entrepreneur and social media maven Jayda Cheaves, teamed up with WOC-owned, MEFEATER Magazine, to present a celebration of elegance, style and LIFEstyle this past weekend.

Image by: 7k Gallery

MEFEATER Magazine has made a major statement for trendy lifestyle, fashion and entertainment news, and this campaign reflects further, their well-received growth and voice. — Jayda Cheaves is loved by many and respected by more; throughout this collaboration we got the chance to get insight on some of her BTS journey through their exclusive interview (found here) and through the live follow-up we experienced at the official Cover Release Party on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

The W Atlanta in Midtown made for the perfect space for elite guests and affiliates to gather safely and effectively. The joy and support in the room spoke volumes for the work these brands have put forth, along with the unseen efforts and strategies of their amazing teams. Through this experience they offered next-level networking opportunities and space for creatives to manifest freely.

We can appreciate the work that WOC are doing behind the scenes of these movements, with each intentional initiative and collaboration for advancement. — The face of entertainment, culture and fashion is ever-changing but the core remains the same. It is the art of the manifestation of natural gifts and the faith to work with one another collectively, in order to reach and impact the masses, progressively.

Jayda Cheaves is a young boss, mother, entertainment personality and still a human being, that is proof of this fact.

This newer generation of WOC is taking what we’ve always had and making it look the way THEY want to, and there’s so much power in that.

We appreciated the opportunity to be in the room and able to witness this experience and honored to offer our platform as an additional means of broadcast. — We encourage you to share and support the work being done by JAYDA WAYDA x MEFEATER, as well as allowing it to aspire you as it did us.

Image by: Ani Wood Photography