Philadelphia Street Named after Patty Jackson in Honor of her Work and Legacy

The City of Philadelphia is home to several memorable artists and celebrities. It’s not uncommon for the city to celebrate those who have served their city with compassion and longevity.

“This is how it started. I was just a girl from SouthPhilly who wanted to be on the radio”, (Ms. Patty Jackson).

Patricia Nolan, aka Patty Jackson is the newest celebrity to receive the honor of being celebrated by her city. The City of Philadelphia renamed the street Patty Jackson grew up on. 23rd and Ellsworth in South Philadelphia is now, Patty Jackson Way.

The ceremony was held on Friday, October 8th with a celebrating audience, who cheered Patty Jackson’s 40th Year Anniversary of being on the radio, supporting her community and entertaining Philadelphians with her joyous character and melodious voice. Philly’s own Patti LaBelle and Congressman Kenyatta Johnson, who was the host of the ceremony, also shared in the history-making event.

Ms. Patty Jackson has always been transparent about her life and has shared her ups and downs with her city and community. It’s always a blessing to hear her story about how 7 years ago she had a stroke, lost her sight and had to learn how to walk again. Ms Patty’s love and transparency was shown, several years ago, when she invited her city to witness her dental transformation live on the evening news.

Patty Jackson has consistently demonstrated her willingness to support various causes like the Home Health Aide Field. One can hear the love and devotion that she has for the aides who cared for her mother before her transition of life.

Her eloquent voice and precise pronunciation are felt coming through the radio, showing her excitement and joy about doing what she loves to do. At 105.3 WDAS, Ms. Patty Jackson is well known and respected. She is a positive motivator by always reminding people to never give up.

Ms. Patty Jackson is also known for hosting many community and entertainment events throughout the city. To some Philadelphians, she is known as the queen of the comeback. To others she is known as the supporter and interviewer of many celebrities who have visited the WDAS radio station. And now Ms. Patty Jackson has a street named after her celebrating her many years of simply being, Ms. Patty Patty.

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