Dream Builder 101: How Dr. Jessica Kim So uses a Hands-On Approach with her Surgeon-to-be Son

    “Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors, and providers for their children”, Iyanla Vanzant.                   

When our children become of age that they begin to express themselves about their dreams and goals, it then becomes our job and responsibility to support them by any means necessary. For example, If your child tells you they want to learn ice skating, then we go buy ice skates. If they want to play football, we go buy a football. If they show interest in drawing, off we go to the arts and crafts stores. We support our children, no matter what.

Dr. Jessica So is a Board Certified Dermatologist from San Francisco who is that mom, that no matter what, supports her son’s desire to be a surgeon. All she heard was “Mommy I can’t wait to be a surgeon one day”, and she was off to the races making a fun activity for him. Together, she and her son have performed several surgical procedures using playdough and things around the house to make the experience real and enjoyable for her son. They have done procedures that range from gallbladder removal to a cesarean, birthing spiderman, meanwhile her 4 year old son is talking his way through major surgical procedures because his mother is a dream builder.

Although some may say that Dr. So’s son may be too young to be exposed to the intricacies of slicing open a human body, the benefits will last and can be applied in other areas.

There are several benefits stemming from the activities Dr. So made for her son. For example, motor skills, visual arts,listening skills, cognitive and communication skills, repetitive skills, terminology, sensory skills, pronunciation, and timing,  all while having fun and doing in the present what he desires to do for the future.

Parents would like to think that their child’s teacher enjoys those moments when students begin to think for themselves and communicate effectively. However, moms are usually the first teachers and to have the inclination to teach dreams demonstrates that parents can be dream builders before their child enters a classroom.

One can only dare to imagine what a mother can teach their child. Just imagine the types of skills that can be practiced at home before any other influence. Dr. So’s example of dreambuilding can be imitated by any mom and because we are usually the first teachers, we get to show off what we know and still continue to learn while being creative with our children. 

We celebrate Dr. So for her inspiration to be more hands on and creative with our children because it broadens the possibilities of greatness when we allow our children to go from practicing hands on in the field of their dream job or profession to going beyond that field and becoming the top in that field. That’s Dream Building 101!

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