The Sisterhood is Poppin’!: The Value of Pop-Up Shops in the Business Community

Originally, Popup Shops were done by retailers/brands to temporarily set up a shop for shoppers to come buy their products. However, since the pandemic, popup shops have grown into a powerful networking experiences by taking small gatherings, causing more grass-root opportunities for WOC to generate new sisterhoods and business relationships globally.

Featuring fashions from Networking Apparel brand: “Ask Me What I Do” @mynetworkingapparel on Instagram

Popup Shops also have many benefits that allows for everyone from lower income, small business, to six and seven figure entrepreneurs to have the opportunities ordinarily not offered or presented. For example, Popup Shops are temporary and therefore alleviates renting venues and its everyday costs of maintaining a building, especially if you’re just starting your business.

Let’s face it, we have to make sure there is a demand. But when you put WOC in a safe space that has all of the special amenities we love, we become the demand.

Since the Pandemic, there has been this ideology about building business once we all realized that we had to accept quarantine along with not being able to go our jobs. But today’s Popup Shops house a plethora of items for sale. For example, homemade teas and homemade shea butter to books and sock for sale. Some women even ship their items to other women to sell at Popup Shops in their city to support their sisters.

These intimate settings have restored relationships as well as taught women to trust because we talk, drink, chew and get to know each other by becoming more relatable based on supporting and accepting each others gifts and talents.

Featuring fashions from Networking Apparel brand: “Ask Me What I Do” @mynetworkingapparel on Instagram

Technology has allowed money to be transferred instantly creating higher sales and building trusting relationships. For example, from the people renting the space to the people who rent the chairs and tables to the people who made the flyers and ads for social media, to the people who shared the initiatives and offered support. It’s a win win situation that increases the chances of encouraging others to sell and or buy.

So the next time you see the invite, poster, or hear about a Popup Shop coming to your community, think about attending or participating because one never knows what we will see or purchase, but you will know that you supported your sister and that’s what sisterhood is all about.

Stay Poppin!