Omazing You! An Interview with Dr. Obioma Martin

Have you ever want to know what it looks like to show up being amazing by simply being you? Have you ever wanted to learn how to execute your story in order to encourage other women? Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to do the impossible when nothing looks possible? Have you ever wanted to be encouraged about the power of your personal story? The following interview with Dr. Obioma Martin of ‘Omazing You’ will answer your questions by inspiring you to do the necessary work to bring your dreams and goals into fruition.

Obioma is a strong WOC who chooses to be amazing. She also has a particular flare for inspiring her audiences to realize the truth of God’s Word and all it offers. She even has the audacity to unapologetically live by example with consistency. Obioma’s story will generate legacy and staying power.

Let’s Go!

W2WT: Who are you and where are you from?

Obioma: Daughter of the King, reigning from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

W2WT: What is that you do and what’s your motivation behind it?

Obioma: I transition women from stuck to becoming equipped to handle everything life serves them. My story and my trauma motivates me to stay in this work. Free people, Free people. I’m committed to helping women get free and stay free.

W2WT:Can you tell us more about Breathe and what inspired the theme?

Obioma:When I was hopeless, broken, angry and bitter. I made a decision not to stay stuck and BELIEVE God, believe what the Bible says I am and what the Bible says I can do.

I had to learn how to RELEASE negative people, places, and things in order to stay free of and from everything that was keeping me stuck.

I learned how to EMBRACE change and what is possible through Christ.

I learned how to ACCEPT my past and not allow it to dictate my future. I learned how to ACCEPT what God has allowed and what I can and can not control.

I learned the importance of TAKING Action and staying in Action. It’s all in the DO!

HEALING is a journey, it’s not overnight, it’s a process.

ELEVATE means to soar, rise above the stress and distractions of life. 

My personal journey of transformation inspired B.R.E.A.T.H.E

W2WT:Tell us a story about a time when you felt discouraged and had to fight to keep going?

Obioma: MAY 2009 when I was hit by a tractor trailer on our way to church on a Sunday morning. I had to be cut out of the car with the jaws of life. The accident left me with my jaw broke, sciatic nerve, and a slipped disc in my lower back. I had know clue as to how I was going to get through that season of my life. Not being able to work, talk, pay my bills and enjoy life the way that I was accustomed to was very discouraging. My journey lasted a year. I bathed in the Word of God, I spoke the Word over my body, my life, business and family until the season of discouragement passed and everything shifted.

W2WT: “Love Lifted Me”, can you tell us more about the title and message for your audience?

Obioma: Love Lifted Me is for all audiences, it’s a message of hope wrapped in the Word of God. People everywhere need to know, trust and believe in the power of Agape unconditional love. God is love and God is in all of us and that is how love lifts us through the authentic pure love of God and from God, that love is in all of us.

W2WT: How important is self-care in relation to your messages of empowerment?

Obioma: When you don’t love you, you don’t have the capacity to love someone else. When you don’t take care of your mental and physical health it results in being unfulfilled, empty, bitter, depressed, stressed and angry. 

Self care is the cure to mental and physical health related issues and illnesses.

W2WT: Tell us more about ‘Demanding vs Commanding’?

Obioma: When we demand something it comes from a place of arrogance, pride and entitlement.

When we command something that comes from a place of self love, humility, honor and service.

W2WT: Do you believe in mentorship and can you share about the importance of having a mentor?

Obioma: Mentorship is good, everyone needs a mentor but more important than mentorship is the investment of a coach. My journey of empowerment started with great mentors, but the manifestation of where I am today and my transformation is a result of my investment in coaching.

W2WT: We admire your boldness, style and decision to show up bald. Can you elaborate and encourage WOC who desire or have no choice in showing up bald?

Obioma: Being bald has never been about being bold or fashionable for me. I have various skin issues that impact my scalp and face. I spent years as a teen in the dermatologist office. My encouragement to those who desire to go bald is to unapologetically be you. Embrace change, Accept all of your imperfections, blemishes and scars. You are already beautiful and Omazing. Believe it.

W2WT: You recently did a Women’s Retreat. Can you tell us what’s new and upcoming from ‘Omazing You’?

Obioma: OmazingYou host Quarterly luxurious destination Masterminds on beaches across the globe. We are preparing now for the first OmazingYou virtual 3 day conference and new products and services. The OmazingYou Wealth and Wellness club is now enrolling new members.

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