Selling Sunshine: Tabitha Brown Seasoning Blend Sells Out In Record Time

She’s selling out spices in thirty-nine minutes, and that’s her business. On July 8th the much anticipated spice collaboration created by McCormick Spice and Tabitha Brown, Sunshine All Purpose Seasoning, sold out in a record breaking thirty-nine minutes! This gives a whole new meaning to breaking the internet. Sold as a $14.95 two pack, Sunshine is bringing the summer to all your favorite recipes with a bright and unique blend of pineapple, mango, ginger, and Tabitha’s favorite: garlic. 

Known as the “Internet Auntie”, Tabitha has warmed America’s hearts and has become a staple on Instagram and TikTok. For almost two years Tab(as she is affectionately referred as) has introduced viewers to a wide variety of approachable vegan recipes. Clothed in southern charm and motherly wisdom, Tabitha and her recipes have been featured on a variety of television shows like Ellen and Good Morning America. In addition to sharing recipes like her “Heavenly Vegan Eggs”, salads, sandwiches, and various pasta dishes Tabitha has also shared her personal health journey and how going vegan literally helped saved her life. Many times she has stated that before going vegan she wasn’t in the best space physically, emotionally, and mentally. Brown felt she was at an impasse and didn’t think she could go on living that way much longer. Then the option of a vegan diet was introduced to her. After transitioning and adjusting recipes to fit her lifestyle and palate, Tabitha states that she had positive life altering healing and health changes. Life has been greatly different ever since.

Tabitha Brown

Brown has freely shared that before her internet success she was almost at the point of giving up on her career. After living in Los Angeles for almost fifteen years and trying to break into the entertainment industry as an actress, Brown said that hearing “No” was becoming a regular occurrence. She states that she didn’t fit the typical Hollywood aesthetic. Players in the industry wanted her to hide her thick North Carolina accent, straighten her natural hair, and fall into typical limiting roles that Black women are often placed in. It was at the urging of her daughter to give the growing platform TikTok a try and post the cooking videos we have all come to know and love. Tabitha certainly is a testament to perseverance, remembering to dream, and the lost art of authenticity.

Tabitha & Chance Brown with their children Tyleah, Choyce, & Quest

Tabitha is ensuring that her success and living out dreams aren’t limited to only her. Recently, Brown posted that after fifteen years of pursing acting and with all the business opportunities she has amassed she was financial able to retire her husband, Chance Brown, from serving as a police officer with the LAPD. Tabitha has shared that even though her husband is a well trained police officer armed with a bullet proof vest and gun she still worried for his safety and longed for the day that he would never have to work as an officer again. When the Browns arrived in LA they made a pact with each other that when Tabitha made it Chance wouldn’t have to work for LAPD and he could continue his passion of working with children, and build his non-profit organization while using basketball as the vehicle. 

Tabitha & Chance Brown

While many have celebrated and applauded this accomplishment Tabitha did receive some unsolicited backlash from talk show host Wendy Williams. Recently Williams shockingly criticized the Brown’s good fortune and marriage during the “Hot Topics” segment of her show saying “I was married to one of those…See how that turned out”. A notable reference to Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter and his role in their now defunct marriage. Williams went on to say “ I predict this marriage is going to be on real rocky ground in a moment.” At one point Williams even mocked Brown’s southern accent, which including the aforementioned criticism did not sit well with her live studio audience. It’s no surprise that William’s comments were considered lowbrow, distasteful, and purely uncalled for. However, It was a shock to many that Williams would choose Tabitha Brown of all people to unload anguish on. Brown quickly received an overwhelming amount of support globally from fans and celebrities alike. Many citing that they were previously unfamiliar with Brown prior to Williams’ commentary. What did surprise many was the elegant and beautiful way Brown responded to Williams and her criticism. In a message posted on her social media while siting in her office in her pajamas Auntie Tab let Williams know that she sees her obvious hurt and pain and that she is praying that she finds someone that genuinely loves her. During her heartfelt and graceful response, Brown went on to address her husband’s retirement citing the pact the two had made and that the success they are experiencing now is due impart to their hard work, support of each other, and because they put God first in their marriage. Tabitha’s approach to lead with love and empathy further cemented that she is who she and that is a genuine person, is well aware of the nature of people, and is confident in who she is. This most likely helped contribute to the record breaking sell out of Sunshine Seasoning, which was already pre-scheduled for release days later after Williams’ comment.

Wendy Williams &Tabitha brown

Due to high public demand McCormick is currently working on producing a new batch of Sunshine Season that is slated to be available by the Fall. Hopefully this time around we’ll all be able to taste some of that positive goodness that Tabitha is known for. 

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