Despite the Rise in Crimes, Great Things are Still Happening in Philadelphia

It’s been said that our world suffers pandemics every 100 years but, we don’t know how those people made it through. We may never know what was their motivation to succeed under so much pressure. Future generations could express the same feelings but we all could agree that people who continue to build and grow in the midst of chaos are special people.

Special people who weigh what’s at stake, while continuing on with their dreams and goals regardless of what it looks like. By any means necessary they move forward by preserving their legacy. So that 100 years from now their stories will still inspire, encourage, motivate, and show future generations that giving up when life gets rough, isn’t an option. For example, great things are happening with special people in Philadelphia.

Marae vs Masolo (my solo)

W2WT: Where do you live and what do you do?

Masolo: Hello, W2WT I was born and raised in Philadelphia and currently I am a rising entrepreneur who sings and bakes. Just call me “The Singing Baker.” I also have an exclusive clothing line in motion that will be coming soon.

W2WT: Tell us a story about when COVID19 hit and how it affected your music and businesses or not?

Masolo: Before 2020 came in I made a declaration to myself and God that no matter what I “WILL” move forward in this music and that I will make time for what I love and believe in and reach my full potential. When Covid-19 started I was working in the hospital in New Jersey on the Trauma unit. I had gotten unexpectedly sick(but what sickness is expected) and found that I was unable to perform my duties to the full extent of my job title so I had to go on leave until my doctor’s found exactly what was the issue. At this same time Covid-19 also was surfacing in the United States and moving rapidly. Months later still sick with unknown sickness and then on top of that contracted Covid-19 this was the worst/best time in my life because I was sick and best because God showed up and showed out.

He also reminded me of my declaration. I was down for 2 months more after Covid-19 and in the midst of those opposition still affecting me, I did my first video and released my first single 2 months later. Then I did another video as I released my second single. As the year ended I also started the baking business in full effect in October of 2020; with recipes and tastes you wouldn’t believe. So No, 2020 Covid-19 did not stop me but what it did do was teach me to trust God and believe in myself.

W2WT: What’s new and exciting with Masolo and what can we expect?

Masolo: What’s new is that I have 3 new singles to drop and 2 new videos. I lost my little brother 5 years ago and I recently just lost my oldest brother 3 months ago. In remembrance of them, I have a single and video coming for that very, very soon. With the baking I have some new things surfacing within that looking for a building and you’ll be seeing my name in that very very soon: Delectable and Edible Cupcakery.

I also created my own clothing line, (UniquelyDifferentco), that will soon be released in an online store. There will be a lot more to come from this Singing Baker because I realized that I’m unstoppable in my zone of expertise.



Erica Williams-Prioleau

W2WT: Where do you live and what do you do?

Erica: I was born in Shreveport, La. but I grew up in Philadelphia. I’m currently a nursing student while working as a CNA. I realized that my position was in jeopardy because of COVID19 but, I also knew that I needed to follow my dreams, although the pandemic hit. I restarted my online clothing boutique in 2019. In 2020 I started a party event: @triplep_eventsupplies. Creating and building got so good to me that I started my own Professional Body Contouring Business called Curved Beauty @_curvedbeauty_.

W2WT: Tell us a story about when COVID19 hit and how it affected your  businesses or not?

Erica: When COVID hit it was my wedding anniversary and I remember being excited and scared. I work as a CNA, so I knew my life was about to change forever. I did work up close with COVID. I was in the trenches for an entire year so to speak. Being in the healthcare field I already worked with a lot of other infectious and contagious diseases so I treated this one like any other by staying safe, and keeping it pushing.

W2WT: What’s new and exciting with your businesses and what can we expect?

Erica: Currently I am working on a formula for detox pills  for my contouring business. I believe that clients will get a better result if they burn the fat outside while detoxing the waste that’s inside.

I found out that even though it may look like the world is falling apart, I can still build and create. Besides, I have a daughter that needs to experience all that goes into being successful.

Tomaka Ravenell

W2WT: Where do you live and what do you do?

Tomaka: I’m a Philadelphia navite, however I have also lived in Europe in my teen years with my family because my Father was in the military. I’m a certified Life coach and my goal is to help my clients re-imagine their life. With extensive experience in Life Coaching and a vast history of training and success, my individualized positivity approach will help you attain your goals.

W2WT: Tell us a story about when COVID19 hit and how it affected your  businesses or not?

Tomaka: When Covid hit I had an action packed 2020 planned. I was actually still attending and booking events up until the day the country was shut down. It impacted me deeply but like all of us, I had to pivot and plan for when I could move freely again. I shifted to zoom and social media to build my followers and learned as much as possible!

W2WT: What’s new and exciting with your businesses and what can we expect?

Tomaka: I have 2 interviews, recently done, that will air on FOXNews in Florida and Texas. I will be the female guest host on a new podcast coming in August. I began a Diva Heels Walking and Confidence Class, with over 25 years experience as a model, I decided to use my skills and talents to advance others. I also will be facilitating the vision board portion for the 2nd time for the BIG Old Kids Block Party in July

Earleena Fatosa

W2WT: Where do you live and what do you do?

Born and raised in Philadelphia with strong Christian values and a philanthropist mindset, I have always had a rooted aspiration to help others prosper. While in high school, I participated in the Advanced Tech college program, then later earned a degree from the Community College of Philadelphia and at Temple University. I recently obtained my Marketing degree from Wilmington University.

As the owner and CEO of Fatosa, LLC, a Social Media Marketing Agency, I leverage my extensive marketing skills, experiences, and ardency to not only meet client profit expectations, but exceed them. I showcase fervency by delivering quality, custom, and professional services while ensuring that every client has a positive experience along the way.

Unlike many companies, my company  does not merely create content to post on social media; every detail is rigorously monitored to unearth trends in performance and tweaked to provide peak results. In addition, each audit conducted goes through a secured vetting process to maximize client branding and superior audience exposure, ultimately allowing my clients to become much more profitable and outshine their competition.

W2WT: Tell us a story about when COVID19 hit and how it affected your  businesses or not?

Today, I am a highly innovative, passionate, and client-driven marketing professional who has successfully demonstrated my abilities in advancing online monetized growth for businesses and individuals across the globe and continued to be successful during Covid 19. The Pandemic increased brands’ need for a digital marketing presence which enabled the agency to onboard fifteen new marketing clients. I chose to believe that I could help businesses increase their profit margins despite  the circumstances the world was facing.

W2WT: What’s new and exciting with your businesses and what can we expect?

As a business owner with a group of consultants, I have been surfacing my passion and underlying adroitness for upcoming business owners to truly support them in reaching new advancing levels. From creating impressive content using Canva for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to performing high-level marketing plans, and business strategy sessions, you can solidify your confidence that your business goals and aspirations are in the best branding hands.