Independent Creators are Gaining Access to Large Platforms Without the Middle-Man

How are we feeling about the many new avenues and platforms available to small businesses and independent creatives, which allow access to the masses for little to no cost, when your product is good and hard work is demonstrated!? — We have noticed over the past decade or more, that streaming and digital connectivity to artwork, projects, music and entertainment has become the go-to method for fans and supporters. This concept awareness trickles down to the artists, creatives and professionals on the production side of things as well, which shifts the industry.

As people and mainly focusing on people of color, we have begun to realize the direct access that we have for reaching our target markets directly, therefore the middle-men are getting cut out of the process, we are maintaining more ownership of our work, and we are able to be better recognized and supported by the larger networks that see the numbers we are producing in reference to the stats and charts!

Critics are also creating more independent channels of media and report, which gives the people a more authentic place to refer to feedback and takeaways for things like music, movies, TV Shows and even social media productions! This is how we have been maneuvering in the modern day, when it comes to gaining exposure and support for our projects!

Let’s take a look into the journey of a phenomenal WOC who worked her magic this way, through pure hard work and dedication. She was able to work with independent networks to gain access to major platforms such as Roku TV.

Den’Mica is a wife, and mother of five, an actress, talk show host and the founder of Forever Stories. She is a Detroit native, and currently resides in Killeen, TX. Presently, Den’Mica is continuing to study her craft of acting, while she interviews her guests on her hit talk show, which is titled “Open Vibes.” With twenty-one plus years as a hairstylist and a cosmetology instructor, Den’Mica shifted gears three years ago to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She has landed numerous roles on film, commercials and print jobs like; “The Teacher Shortage” by Troy Escamilla, “Dead of Night” a Snapchat Original shot by Bazelevs, and an Arrow Electronics TV commercial, just to name a few.

Her talk show, “Open Vibes” premiered in March of 2020, and the show was picked up by the Creative Motion Network on Roku TV in August of 2020. In the short time that the show has been on the network “Open Vibes” has already garnered the 3rd place award for Most Popular Talk / Informational Show category. “Open Vibes” often falls in the top ten viewed shows weekly despite there being 940 other shows on the network. You can catch “Open Vibes” live on Facebook every Tuesday evening then on Roku TV the next day. As this actress/talk show host not only continues to strive for excellence, she also loves to encourage and uplift people she meets along her journey. Her motto is, “Enjoy Every Moment!”

To connect with Den’Mica, you can find her on Instagram @mica_sweets and on YouTube here.