Ashlee Akins of OWN’s Ready to Love takes her Activism Back Home to Jackson!

On June 5, 2021 the Community of Jackson Tennessee will be blessed with a much needed and longed for presentation; a dedication that is aimed towards reversing and reducing the tragedies and violence inflicted by guns and other criminal activity.

Tv Personality, Community Activist, Speech Therapist and Jackson native, Ashlee Akins will speak to the people, as well as her Alma Matter, about her own experiences losing her father to gun violence, and how it has effected her family and the families of others. Ashlee will be joined by radio station Kix 96 at Liberty Technology Magnet High School located at 3470 Ridgecrest Road Jackson Tennessee.
The community will be presented with gun violence awareness from the melanin Metal Gun Club with Danya Brooks, as he will break down gun safety and ways to properly and legally own a firearm. They will have the Mourning Mothers organization to also shed light on some of the longterm effects of gun violence along with Ashlee Akins, to add additional insight and perspective.
Mental Health Awareness will also be covered as they are reaching out to local mental facilities and the local Health Department to provide information and different resources to the community, that are available to the public.

It is not a surprise to us that Ashlee is taking this initiative to kick-off something of this nature, as we have always seen and known her to be community-oriented and supportive of others. — We had the pleasure to be on site for one of her Brand Shoots and witnessed her authentic love for her fans and for people in general!

Ashlee says she is proud to have the support of local small businesses and shops that will be present and vending, in order to stand United and offer the community more safe resources for goods and services.

With Ashlee being on the Board of Directors of Urban Not Average, they are also proud to support this mission, as they are a 501(c)3 organization that caters to the health and success of Student Athletes in urban communities. They will be present and available for questions as well as for sharing current opportunities they have available for youth and families.

Ashlee Akins will host a book signing for both her self-help journal, Formula oo7 and her newest book, Authentically Ashlee! — For this amazingly necessary event, there will be great Community leaders, members of the police department and other influential people present to drive the message home well!
For an additional health and fitness portion, they are also proud to have Jamal Brady with Better Balance Sports and Fitness, and they’re going to be helping out with all the fun and games, agility activities to bring the community together, and there will be music raffle tickets / giveaways, etc. Security will be provided and present, as Community Safety is at the core of this collective mission.

Connect with Ashlee at @_iamashlee007 on Instagram and at Ashlee Akins on Facebook!

Photography by: Joy Evonne Photo in Atlanta