Philly FLAVOR With A Vegas TWIST! An Interview with the CEO of Luxe Candy Ice!

When you hear the question, “Have you been iced?” what comes to mind? We’re pretty sure that people are going to think of jewelry. In this case, we’re talking about the high quality, luxurious “original” Italian water ice from Philly, Luxe Candy Ice! We caught up with CEO Candese Combs to get the “scoop” on why she chose to take this Vegan-friendly, non-dairy treat topped with any of your favorite candy and fresh fruits, and introduce it to the West Coast!

W2WT: Can you introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from?

CC: My name is Candese (Candi) Combs, and I was born and raised in Philadelphia (Philly) Pennsylvania. Currently living in Las Vegas.

W2WT: We see that you are a Registered Nurse. How is it working on the frontline during the pandemic?

CC: It has been rewarding and challenging pushing healthcare into
directions we could have never dreamt of. It is important to me that every
patient is cared for with love, respect, and dignity during a vulnerable time
in their life.

W2WT: Why did you move from Philly to Las Vegas?

CC: The choice to move to the west coasts was based on me approaching an empty nest. My youngest was headed off to college and I wanted to experience a different lifestyle that included nature, pace, space and balance. In May of 2019 I relocated to Las Vegas with a new nursing position.

W2WT: With a demanding job, what sparked you into going into entrepreneurship?

CC: During the pandemic I was missing home and how Philly spends
their summer days with a refreshing water/Italian ice and a soft pretzel. Instead of searching, I decided to bring that Philly Flavor with a Vegas twist to the “Sin City”. As the first to offer soft Philly pretzels with water ice to Las Vegas, the journey has been amazing!

W2WT: Why the name Luxe Candy Ice?

CC: Luxe because we provide a luxury experience and our products are made with premium, quality ingredients. Candy, my name is Candi and all our Italian ice topped with signature candy…who doesn’t love that?. Ice, well Italian Ice
Luxe Candy Ice isn’t just the ice we create, it’s also an ice experience.

W2WT: Can you give us the thorough detail of what it is?

CC: Italian “water” ice is similar to sorbet. Many times it’s confused with shaved ice. Luxe Candy Ice Italian ice is a rich, smooth, and creamy texture with a bold fruit infused flavor topped fresh fruit with signature candy bringing taste buds to euphoria!

W2WT: How does it feel to represent Black Business Women in the Italian Ice industry, because you don’t see too many in it?

CC: Black women are the growing force in the entrepreneurial community. This journey is wild, crazy, and amazing all at the same time in creating economic legacy within my family. Educating oneself is the foundation of any business, however being willing to take the risk to think outside of the box is important to stimulate Black wealth and Black women owned businesses beyond social media representation and stereotypes. Black women entrepreneurs are changing the game and walking in the footsteps of many brave, risk-taking necessity entrepreneurs in history. I am proud to be a part of the game changing Italian ice industry. I am just getting started!

W2WT: How has the pandemic affected your business?

CC: During the Pandemic Luxe Candy Ice went back to the basics. We keep
it personal by offering Covid- friendly personal delivery and catering packages. Safety is first, speaking from a Registered Nurse standpoint.

W2WT: Do you plan on franchising Luxe Candy Ice?

CC: Plans for 2021 we’re currently working on opening a flagship store front . Vegas is open for all indoor , outdoor, mobile and tent events. Luxe Candy Ice is also accepting indoor and tent event applications for upcoming Philly events. As for near future opportunities, Luxe Candy Ice will have opportunities for delivery drivers! Be on the look out for up to date information and opportunities on all social media outlets.

W2WT: How important is it to have a solid team?

CC: Paramount! Having a team has brung my creativity to fruition by bringing
a blend of complementary strengths and integrity to me and my brand while encouraging healthy risk-taking opportunities. That continues to push Luxe Candy Ice beyond the normal representation within the Italian ice community.

W2WT: What types of events do you serve your product?

CC: Luxe Candy Ice specialize in unique set-ups for all indoor and outdoor events, creating that high-quality luxury experience!

The events range from sports, birthday parties, corporate, family gatherings, carnivals, pop-up shops, etc.

W2WT: How can someone book or collaborate Luxe Candy ice?

CC: If you are looking to book for a special event you can direct message us on all social media platforms or by email at . A Luxe Candy Ice specialist will assist you in creating an unique ice experience. IG: @luxecandyice, FB: Luxe Candy Ice, and Twitter : @ice_luxe. For all collaboration inquiries, please contact my PR Team at