“Support” Your Business “Plan” All 2021 & Beyond: An Interview with Master-planning CEO, Precious Monét

If you were asked to describe the year of 2020 in one word, you would probably say words such as: exhausting, chaotic, scary, surreal, doomed, relentless, pandemic, or quarantine. As crazy as it may sound, but 2020 should have been a year where you really dug deep and found yourself. What other choice did anyone have? We all basically had to sit still for a complete year!. Therefore, your thoughts should have become “plans” to bounce back in 2021! With a new year, new mindset, and new goals, we caught up with Atlanta’s “Queen of Planning”, Precious Monet and she gave us the “goodt tea” on her background and new season.

W2WT: Can you introduce yourself and give us a little bit of your background? 

PM: My name is Precious Monet. I am originally from New York, but I relocated to Atlanta in 2003. I am a well -established business woman who has mastered the art of planning and execution. I truly believe that I was “born” with this gift lol! 

W2WT: Can you tell us a little bit about your business? 

PM: I have two. Pre Planning Management and Be Her Support. Pre Planning Management is a corporate event company that was established in 2016 The mission is to provide innovative corporate event management solutions by executing every phase of their event on time and within the budget. Be Her Support, which launched this year in time for Women’s History Month is a members only growing community of Women in Business who understands the POWER of unity, respect, and support. 

W2WT: What inspired you to get into Event Management? 

PM: I got into events by default. As a teenager I was the one that planned all the family events. Throughout my career I always found myself planning all the corporate events. I was always the person that companies could lean on for planning company events. It wasn’t always in the company’s budget so when the leadership found out I had a passion for events, it didn’t feel like work. It was my time to be creative and break aways from the daily operational task. 

W2WT: We see that you’re from NY, what convinced you to relocate down south? 

PM: I had a couple of immediate family members move to GA. Fresh out of house school with no plan for my future I decided to join my family in GA. NY is an expensive state! When I learned that I can buy a whole 4 bedroom house with the same money I would pay for a 1 bedroom studio in NY well…no need to say anymore. I am extremely close to my immediate family so it only made sense to move. 

W2WT: How has the pandemic affected your business and how did you prevail from it?

PM: Events came to a halt as I learned to navigate events in the virtual ascept. It is an ongoing learning experience, especially with technology. Lucky enough we launched an accountability planner that has offset some of the effects we had with events.

W2WT: What are some of the hardships that come with being one of the few black women in your industry? 

PM: I think there are many WOC in the event industry. What I find challenging is that in the African American culture we chose to compete rather than support each other. There is room for us all. 

W2WT: We see that you have your Business Coach Certification, why was it important for you to get? & how do you apply it to your business? 

PM: It’s not a business but Life Coach certification. It was extremely important to me to become a certified Life Coach because in order to run a successful business you need to be able to understand oneself. As women we are naturally emotional human beings, 

and we can not let that hinder our business decisions. So I decided to obtain the certification not only for myself but to be able to pour into other women. 

W2WT: Is there anything you have that we should be on the lookout for? 

PM: Yes! Our membership applications for Be Her Support are live. We are looking forward to conducting the interviews with new Women in Business, so they can be a part of something that is key to their success in growing as a business. Be Her Support everts are kicking off for the month of March and we have a surprising announcement coming up for Pre Planning Management!

W2WT: We know that you represent women empowerment to the fullest, what is your definition of women empowerment? 

PM: My definition is: Being present in the moment for other women. Uplifting them, empowering them, and demonstrating the lifestyle of women supporting women 

W2WT: What trait did you have to acknowledge about yourself to move forward in your business? 

PM: I used to be a person that cared about what the people closest to me thought. It would impact my decision making as it relates to business. I delayed opening my business for 2 years because my best friend at the time did not support me nor think I should start a business. 

When I finally started my business I learned that I shouldn’t care what other people think and how to self motivate. My self motivation, my parents and my faith is what drives me to move forward in my business everyday. As long as I am doing something that I am passionate about, able to give back and pour into my community that is all that matters. It is so important to have the right people around you. Not people that are always going to say yes but people that see the value in you and support you.

W2WT: What advice would you give to the next WOC who wants to follow in your footsteps? 

PM: There are going to be many challenges you will be faced with but it’s essential to be consistent, don’t give up, learn from your mistakes and align yourself with like minded people. 

W2WT: How can someone find out about your services if they would like to connect? 

PM: You can connect with us by visiting and following us at: http://www.preplanmgt.com IG: @preplanmgt ; http://www.behersupport.com IG: @behersupport. Looking forward to connecting with more like minded women!!! This is the year of the “bounceback”!

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