A Glimpse of Insight: Young Author & Survivor Sebrina Lewis

You can’t hold a good woman down! Like the phoenix bird, she will rise out of the ashes, with
the Strength of the Kings, the Resilience of the Queens, and the Nurturing Spirit of our Heavenly
Creator! Though Satan may have taken her from Hell, and back, and right back to Hell, she
fools him with a bowed head and a humbled heart! These attributes are the perfect description
befitting of a Queen herself, Miss Sabrina Lewis. From the concrete jungle of Detroit, Michigan,
to foster care, and now floating in the Blue Sky on white, opulent clouds,
Sabrina is living her life after surviving through a childhood that could have taken even the most
strongest Queens out! Her heart-wrenching literary artwork, Running in the Clouds, conveys a
true testament to the meaning of the saying, “If God brought you to it, He will bring you through

1. What a pleasure it is to have you featured on W2W Talk Magazine! Can you share something with us about yourself that most people don’t know?

I would love to adopt one day ..That I love doing karaoke and dancing with my kids..And I can eat spicy foods all day every day!

2. What inspired you to write “Running In The Clouds”?

To let the ones with similar stories know that they are not alone.

3. What was your life experience living with drug-addicted parents and experiencing abuse?

It was horrible. Some days were very tense; not knowing what the day will bring.

4. What struggles did you endure being in foster care and how did you cope physically, mentally, and spiritually?

I missed being around my family and I was worried about whether or not my mom was OK, but I was happy to be stabilized once I got to settle.

5. According to statistics, there are more than half a million children in foster care, and most of them become homeless by the age of 18, eventually being homeless. Knowing the inner workings of being in foster care, where does the foster system falter in the care, nurturing, and placement of children? How can we as a nation repair the broken system?

I think just like in homes parents or foster parents or the system shouldn’t say at 18 and the kid is grown and he or she’s free to go on I feel like it should be a plan in working with 18-year-olds especially in foster homes. That kid was there because of abandonment, abuse or just a parent I wanted them it’s like he’s done all over again at 18.

6. How has your upbringing played a part in the nurturing and raising of your children? Have you discussed your history with them?

My kids are 2 and 4, so no I haven’t discussed what I’ve went through. My kids know nothing but love hugs kisses and laughter. They enjoy being kids. My kids attend every kids event they can; my son is in private school and he teaches his sister everything he learns from me and school. I must say they Definitely know what love feels like. I lacked that, and they do not.

7. Your blue jean jacket designers are beautiful! How long have you been designing jackets, and what are your goals for your flourishing business?

Thank you!! I’ve been designing jackets for about two years now. I’ve always loved to dress nice and decorate houses, so yes. I tried the jackets out and I got better by the day. I enjoy it. My hopes dreams and plans for my jackets are to be nation wide with them; to reach more then just my inner city of Detroit.

8. What do you want your readers and fans to gain by your life experiences from reading your book?

It’s a old saying to never judge a book by its cover you never know what a person has went through. Always be humble and positive, also to know that you don’t have to be what you’ve been through.

9. Being an adult now, do you still struggle with your childhood? What activities do you partake in to maintain balance and sanity?

I can’t say I struggle with my child hood. I left that there, but I do get a reminder of my child hood with different actios of people and it might take my thoughts back to when things happened as a kid.

10. What message do you have for those who are in the foster care system currently or whom are still struggling to have a normal life after leaving the system?

That life is really what you make it. Your current situation could and will change for the better in no time you have a lot to offer use your past experience and change it into strength. You got this! Stay blessed, positive and humbled, and always want to make a difference.

For more information about Authoress Sabrina Lewis and Allure Pearls, please follow her on her

Instagram pages, @allure_brina1 and @allurepearls3. What a blessing to display the intellect
and talents of this beautiful, talented, and anointed woman of color!

Journalist: Sarah McGriff