Sip Your Way to Beau-Tea with Kye Williams

Some like it hot. Some like it iced. Some like to sip it. Some like to spill it. And some like it on their face. Yes their face. It’s been a well known fact that tea has some amazing health and beauty benefits. Most of these facts are all based around drinking tea. Especially green tea. But have you ever considered tea as a main ingredient for you facial at a spa? Well at Sipping Prettea Tea Bar & Spa in Atlanta, GA they are serving the public with facials, V steams, and massages all centered around tea based ingredients and products. Woman To Woman Talk had the chance to catch up with (SHE)eo Kye Williams to discuss some of the benefits of tea and incorporating it into beauty regimens.

Why tea for beauty regimen?

Anyone with a Caribbean background will tell you that tea is the holy grail of EVERYTHING. After pop culture decided to crown tea Queen of Detoxing, it was a no brainer for me to explore its beauty benefits, beyond weight loss however. If you think about the composites of tea as herbal base then it really makes perfect sense. There is literally a herb for every aesthetic obstacle we face. It simply comes down to educating yourself on them and mixing the perfect blend. I’m just happy my company can offer a product for each skin and hair type/issue using products as natural and convenient as tea.

How long have you had your company? Spa?

Sipping Prettea has been in business for a little over 2 years and has been expanded into a tea bar for a year. I’m super excited to share the success that the company has experienced; especially because this means more people are looking for natural, and healthier alternatives for their skincare and haircare needs.

What made you believe that tea services for skin and hair were needed?

To be honest, it was initially done at a whim in order to offer an appealing experience in the brick and mortar. However, the feedback received was so overwhelmingly positive that I knew expanding on it was absolutely needed for our Tea-Baes. The same concept with our products were incorporated in our services because our products are used in all of our tea treatments. It’s also an amazing educational moment for our customers who want a professional to show them how and which products could best benefit their skin/hair type. Using these same products in our services allows us to make just about anyone a believer. All it takes is one service, and I guarantee you will come back time and time again for your custom tea blend.

What is a misconception about tea?

That it tastes bland and that they drink it because they have to and not because they want to. We get so creative with our flavors to assure that our customers actually look forward to their beauty regimen. The “pretty hurts” ideology doesn’t exist at Sipping Prettea.

Are these products and services good for people of a variety of age groups?

Most definitely. Beauty has no bounds. Even more-so because our blends are all natural, women can even use the haircare products on their children that may suffer from bald spots, cradle cap, eczema, etc.

What would be a great tea or product to start with?

I always suggest starting with a tea because it kills the routine time of applying products before beginning or wrapping up your day. A great kickstart would definitely be our ‘Hair Goals’ tea. It is a Hawaiian punch flavored blend that improves the health of your hair by promoting growth, length retention, luster and strength. It’s really tasty and it gets the jobs done! Just ask my customers! All of them have great testimonials to share their results and make everyone a believer.

Speaking of hair specifically, how can tea help with one’s hair goals?

That’s funny. So funny you ask this… So I have to brag about our ‘Hair Goals’ tea because it literally speaks for itself! The ‘Hair Goals’ tea provides hair stimulating herbs that serve as vitamins for your strands. It’s more beneficial than taking something like a biotin pill because it combines several herbs that all work toward the growth and health of your hair.

The great part about the daily ingestion of this tea is that it won’t result in acne breakouts like many other pills with an excess of biotin, and other ingredients that may be good for your hair growth, but are not so great for your skincare.

Are tea infused hair products good only for natural hair or can chemically altered hair also see benefits?

Although our tea infused beauty is natural, it works on all hair types. It’s actually an even greater recommendation for chemically treated hair, as the strand has been compromised and needs a little extra TLC. On chemically processed hair, I would use nothing but natural haircare products to get your coils back to their natural state, and promote a more luscious look for your crown!

If you were stranded on a island somewhere or for more relevant purposes in a global quarantine, out of all your products what five items would be essential for you to have?

Love this question.

1. Aloe & Kombucha Skin Cleanser

2. Chai Tea Butter

3. Teatox

4. Becky’s Loc Hydration Mist

5. Calendula 2-in-1 Oil

With so many benefits and options, tea seems like an essential item for anyone to incorporate into their beauty routine. When in Atlanta make sure you add a spa day to Sipping Prettea to your agenda. Not in ATL? No worries! Everyone can reap the benefits of Sipping Prettea by ordering products at their website Be sure to follow Sipping Prettea’s Instagram page: sippingprettea for all the latest products and services.

W2WT Journalist: Vanessa Newell