The Execution: Sarah McGriff's "Mind Under Troubled Waters"

Thinking about a state of being it usually begins with a mindset. A state of mind can fluctuate from tranquil to chaotic. Or it can go from stagnant to busy bee. However, the state of mind W2W Talk Magazine will be celebrating this month, is the state of mind that goes from planning to execution with Ms. Sarah C. McGriff, Queen of Execution (QOE). Sarah’s story is a journey of multifaceted dreams, plans, and goals that generated from the desire of wanting more out of what life has to offer based on society’s expectations and norms for herself and the African American community.

She is the proud mother of 2 children- 17-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter and they reside in Lake Wales, where Sarah was born and raised. She stated God has given her the ability to execute her dreams, plans, and goals. “When God doesn’t have your attention, He will slow down and/or stop everything in your life that does, including the editing of my book”, (Sarah C. McGriff). Sarah has also generated a place of peace and thankfulness, regardless of what happens, during her process trusting God during the writing, publishing and editing of her 1st book entitled, ‘Mind Under Troubled Waters’.

Sarah’s journey towards executing her book speaks volumes about the ability to be more effective when writing from experiences, because ultimately Sarah’s desire is to reach certain groups of people who will benefit the most from her book. Sarah C. McGriff, Queen of Execution, has written, with the intention to inform and awaken the African American community about mental illness. And to prevent stigmas, rumors, and misconceptions from ruining the proper treatment and diagnosis. “Many people in the African American community suffer from mental illness but have used drugs and alcohol to cope, which leaves the problem unsolved”, (Sarah C. McGriff).

The execution of her 1st book, ‘Mind Under Troubled Waters’ discusses the mental anguish a patient may experience from a life-threatening diagnosis on top of mental illness. In order to execute treatment for these patients, Sarah attributes her desire for the African American community to become aware of who they are, who they used to be, and where they can go with the correct information. She is bold and tenacious with her execution, although she suffered a setback or 2, her determination from her experiences as a nurse has propelled her into execution mode with purpose.

W2W Talk Magazine celebrates WOC who dare to aspire to go higher by having the audacity to reach into tough situations, apply the necessary ingredients, add fire, stir up the pot, in order to make changes that will affect generations to come, which is the perfect motivation for execution.

W2WT Journalist: Tonia Williams