The She Did That Film: A Timeless Gem for WOC (Now on NETFLIX)

The She Did That film is a documentary by Renae Bluitt; a PR strategist, content creator, founder of the popular In Her Shoes blog, and now filmmaker. Currently being featured on Netflix, She Did That debuted in 2018 at the Urbanworld Film Festival, which is reported to be the nation’s largest multicultural festival known for showcasing and celebrating independent film.

The film highlights black female entrepreneurs; featuring Renae Bluitt, Tonya Rapley, Lisa Price, Luvvie, and Melissa Butler. These women lead in various industries and, in just over an hour, they manage to be a vessel of encouragement, inspiration, empowerment, and education. She Did That sheds light on the history of back female entrepreneurship, emphasizing how, historically, black women have started businesses by recognizing a need and proceeding to fill that need. It also focuses on the exponential incline of black female entrepreneurship over the years. Writers, restaurateurs, educators, and salon, hair care, cosmetic line, and tech company owners shared their entrepreneurial journey; from their family influence to overcoming hardship, learning from mistakes, and even exercising the power of the word no.

This documentary did an outstanding job of giving a realistic picture of the entrepreneurs’ path, detailing personal struggles and barriers faced as black women, simultaneously stressing the importance of perseverance and self care/mental health. Multiple streams of income, support from black men, and spending money in our own communities were other fundamentals the film addressed.

The informative, uplifting, and compelling content is the perfect tool for black women at any point on their entrepreneurial path. Whether you are aspiring, thriving, or struggling, it can supply you with the necessary push needed to get to the next level so you can confidently and proudly exclaim, She Did That!

W2WT Journalist: Cheryce Thompson