Pretty Vee & Daybella Talk Confidence for Teenage Girls in Atlanta, GA

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance of your own abilities, qualities, and looks. Being a young queen in today’s society is a lot harder and more challenging than when most of us were growing up. They are living in what we call the social media era. These platforms put so much pressure on them to change who they are because body image seems to get you what you want in life. It has caused these young ladies go into deep depressions, lowering their self-esteem, acting out in rebellious ways, and most of all losing themselves.

In other words, it takes their focus off of their future because their mind is conformed to what is going on in the world at this current time. It then makes them more than likely to not open up to anyone feeling alone and that they have no one to turn to. Not even their parents. Little do they know, they have it made with the numerous programs and organizations such as A Queen in the Making, established to help them find themselves and figure out what it is they want out of life.

Having someone who can relate to what you are going through and became successful in the end is the tool you need to bring out the power you have deep down inside! This brings us to talk about what we witnessed this past Saturday December 7th. Motivational Speaker, Teen Girls’Coach, Author, and Minister Tiffany Nicole hosted A Woman in the Making Presents: Confidence Workshop & Holiday Party for teenage girls in Atlanta, GA. Here she provided an environment where the girls who were present felt comfortable and was able to open up amongst one another. To top it off, two special guests who can relate from all angles were in attendance. They were Yes I’m Pretty Vee – social media influencer, comedienne, actress, singer, dancer, and ambassador along with DayyBella – influencer, entrepreneur, and event curator.

The ladies held a panel discussion on certain topics relatable to what the girls are going through as they reflected on their lives growing up. The topic that was discussed the longest was fear. Fear is what the girls mainly expressed as they mentioned how they are afraid of whether something is going to work or not. Tiffany Nicole then gave a valid option for the girls to use at any time that they face fear and that is: to have someone to accompany you or lend a helping hand to whatever it is that you are doing so you will not feel alone.

Daybella then backed Tiffany up with an important fact that gave her the guidance in the beginning stages of her journey, which was “there is a lot of money to be made in Atlanta”. When she said that, everyone in the room immediately applauded and shouted out the popular phase “yaaaas” because we all know the ATL is the place for black business!

We had a chance to catch up with a couple of the women to ask about confidence and this is what they had to say:

W2WT: We are here with the beautiful Tiffany Nicole- minister, author, teenage girls’ coach, and creator of A Queen in the Making Workshops how are you?

Tiffany Nicole: I’m good how are you?

W2WT: We hear you got your start in Chicago, what was the inspiration behind these workshops?

Tiffany Nicole: The inspiration was I really wanted to prepare and create something for young ladies to teach them their self-worth, the help them find their purpose, and to make sure that they know who they are in Christ. I feel like that should be every young lady’s journey and foundation because if they don’t know who they are and how much they’re worth, then they will settle for anything, and I didn’t want to see young ladies doing that anymore.

W2WT: Did you see that a lot in Chicago?

Tiffany Nicole: Oh yeah I saw that a lot in D.C. where I grew up, and I saw it a lot growing up with myself. In my childhood I felt like my parents were very busy, so I was not like anyone sat me down and told me how special and valuable I was. The fact that there was a special purpose for me and that I was created to do great things. Yes they pushed me to work hard, and to treat people right and live for God however, there was a missing piece and most girls now they don’t have that missing piece. They don’t know their value.

W2WT: In your words, what is your definition of confidence since it is today’s topic for the workshop?

Tiffany Nicole: My definition of confidence is knowing the fact that God created you uniquely for His purpose. Before the world was framed He knew your likes, dislikes, your personality, everything that you would go through and that would shape you into a unique person and individual to be able to impact the people that He chose for you to impact.

Pretty Vee:

W2WT: This is Woman to Woman Talk Magazine and we are here with the one and only Ms. Pretty Vee – comedienne, influencer, actress, singer, dancer, rapper, all of the above how are you doing today?

Pretty Vee : Good girl. Thank you so much for having me. This energy and everybody in here is so amazing.

W2WT: With this workshop being about confidence, how do you define it?

Yes I’m Pretty Vee : Confidence Honey is BOLD, beautiful, daring, it’s fly, and if you don’t got it you better get to it! At the end of the day we already have that instilled in us we just have to show it.

W2WT: How has confidence played a part in your journey?

Pretty Vee: At first I didn’t have much cause I was so insecure about different things on me. People always ask why but it was some things I dealt with as a child, and growing up I was like child uh uh. People be like Vena you are so confident and I’m like you do that for show and then when you get back to your room and be like ugh. It can be like two lives you are living. Now I’m like child it is what it is I’m bold, I’m black, and I’m beautiful what’s up?

Overall, it was a successful event and every young lady was able to walk out feeling more powerful than she did when she walked in! For more information about this organization, please visit