Gloria Ward Discusses Project to Inspire 1 Million Women

Everyone has a story; that story may not always make the daily news, but it’s a story worth telling. When we tell our stories we then soon realize that we are no different from a lot of people around us. We share similar emotions and even traumas. Gloria Ward founder of the “I’m Loving Me Project” is a woman with a story, and instead of letting her past hinder her future she used it to brighten it, and brighten the lives of others who may share similar backgrounds and want to do nothing but make an advancement in their career and lifestyle.

What inspired you to create the “I’m loving me project”?

Hearing the amazing stories of ordinary women who were doing extraordinary things. I’ve always been blessed to be around powerful women who also had trauma, struggles, and even battled with low self-esteem. Their stories encouraged me to take a hard look at myself and influenced me to make positive changes in my life. I said, “We need to hear the stories of women who have overcome challenges in their life and are making strides to change whether it is business or personal. I wrote the entire plan on a notepad and the “I’m Loving Me project” was born.

How has this project changed the lives of others?

Many women who become a part of our community and participate in our programs discover just how much they’ve neglected themselves. They discover how much they allowed life to swallow up their hopes and dreams and they make a decision to take their power back. They make a decision to choose themselves first and put into practice the tools of help them self heal.

How has this project changed your life?

I know I’ve found my purpose. Life has become more meaningful and my view of the world has changed. The I’m loving me project is a global movement which allows me the privilege to interact with different women from around the world. Learning their culture, how they see the world and their idea of self love. It’s so rewarding.

Do you have a favorite program?

Yes our Mirror program is my favorite. I love it because it allows the women to take off the mask and truly see themselves for who they are. It also allows me to stay humble and remember what the true mission is and that’s to inspire one million worldwide to love themselves.

What is some advice that you can give to those who are having a hard time finding love within themselves?

It’s all about changing your state and your mind. It’s about making a decision to choose yourself first. Take a look in the mirror and stand there and really take a good look at yourself. Observe yourself and ask yourself “What is it about me that I like?” and you start to name those things. It might be physical or intangible like personality, heart etc. Read personal development books

that focus on mindset and affirmations. make an effort to be around women who uplift each other. Doing this overtime you will soon discover those things that you love about yourself and so will others.

How has your story helped you to become the person you are today?

My story has allowed me to be a great listener, friend, and coach I am today. I believe if I had that two parent home or middle class family living I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. I can relate to so many of the women in our community it makes it easy to have conversations and really understand what they’re going through. I was always a little ashamed of how I grew up but now, I see how it has prepared me for this moment and I’m so grateful.

What do you hope to achieve in the future with the “I’m loving me project”?

Every woman who comes through our programs empowers other women to practice self healing and self love. My core belief is this” If you can change a woman’s mind for the better, you can change a nation” and that’s exactly what we hope to achieve.

How can others get on board and start a change in their lives with the “I’m loving me project”?

We are always looking for facilitators, coaches and business women to participate in our seminars and workshops. Just reach out to us on our website.

What’s next for Gloria Ward? Besides the I’m Loving Me Project, what do have in store for the world next?

To invest in women owned businesses. Many women business owners struggle to get their business off the ground because of lack of capital. I want to help them bring their ideas to life.

What’s some advice you would give to the WOC community, for women looking to establish an organization for a cause that they are passionate about?

Get started now. Everything you think you need is not outside of you it’s inside. The moment you start to take steps towards your passion, the moment the universe starts to line up the people and the resources. If you need proof, make a post on social media of your idea and ask how many people are willing to help and see what feedback you get. Resources and people are always there, you just have to execute.

Thank you Gloria for sharing with us. If you are looking to make an advancement in your life whether it be your career or just overall mental health; Gloria’s “I’m Loving Me Project” provides the resources you need to get back on track. Check out her instagram “imlovingmenproject” and her website