WERK PRAY SLAY Part 2: Priceless Takeaways

Surprise honoree Ms.Pinky Cole, Owner of Slutty Vegan entered the building dancing, and praising giving her testimony about her losses. She then humbly told us how she just closed on a 6.5 million dollar raise to grow her business, paid off the balance of 30 Clark Atlanta students’

tuitions, and how she used $300,000.00 of her own money to other businesses, non-profits, and for-profits all within a year of becoming one of the fastest millionaires.

Pinky said something very important as she closed out the ceremony being the last

honoree. She said “Prayer is not enough. Prayer is very important, but you have to execute with

that prayer. You can’t just pray and say God please help me, NO! you go with prayer with the

intention that it is already yours, so when I pray I’m saying “Thank You God for what you are

about to do for me, thank You for everything you are about to give me. I already receive it, but I

have to execute. I can’t just pray and sit back and think something is just going to happen.”

If that wasn’t one of the truest statements made, we don’t know what is. I’m sure we are not the only ones that were impacted by this. Werk, Pray, Slay Founder Koereyelle Dubose has

deserves praise hands in the air and should definitely be proud of herself for this one! Seven

years is a milestone to keep hosting a big event such as this one within your company. We look

forward to witnessing what year eight has in store, being that it means balance!

*Lucinda Cross the Honoree to be recognized at the “Boss’d Up Now What” Awards Breakfast. She is the CEO of Activate Worldwide and the Founder of Activate your life, a 501 c 3 non-profit. Lucinda is known for motivational speaking, her best-selling books, and most of all, how she changed her life tremendously after serving five years in prison. Upon her release, she did not waste time at all regaining her rightful place in society. Becoming an overnight success making six-figures creating the now popular vision boards!

During her interview she stated to W2WT:

“You don’t have permission to give up. Not when God has given you a purpose, He’s given you

life, breath every morning. You do not have permission to give up unfortunately you have to win. You’re winning and you don’t even know it. You just have to keep going!”

Nicole McClaren-Campbell – Speaker at the 2019 Werk, Pray, Slay WerkUniversity

Werkshop. She is the Founder of AIM Educational Services in Kingston Jamaica, an author, professional speaker, educator and she’s affectionately known as the “Goal Accelerator”.

Nicole has built a flourishing career since the tender age of 14. Excelling in both high school and college, her education led her to become the successful woman she is today.

Nicole’s main topic at WPS was “procrastination”. During her W2WT interview she stated:

“It’s a huge problem because we have the best ideas, we have the talent, you know it’s all

possible, but we don’t execute consistently enough or fast enough. A lot of times we end up

wasting time, losing time, losing opportunities because we just didn’t act fast enough.”

Ariel Pedmore – People’s Choice Award Winner at the 2019 Werk, Pray, Slay “Boss’d Up

Now What” Awards Breakfast. With this award, the people had a say in who the winner would

be. Ariel is a professional Atlanta make-up artist and beauty instructor. She is also a motivator

for women who aren’t confident in themselves because she knows the feeling being a young girl with low self-esteem. This is what lead her to become a entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

Ariel’s W2WT interview statement:

“Just growing up I kind of dealt with not being so confident in myself and just overall appearance. I feel like it kind of guided me to where I am at now as far as helping other women feel better about themselves, and as far as social media goes, and for people that aren’t around me that don’t have good intentions, I stay away from that and I tune people out.”

Sonia Lewis – The CEO of the first African American Woman Owned Student Loan

Repayment Company in the country. She was featured in Forbes, Money Magazine, Essences,

and Black Enterprise magazines. Ariel was an assigned speaker at this year’s WPS Conference

on Day 2 of the weekend.

Sonia’s W2WT interview statement:

“My professional background is working with adult learners managing their student loans. The

I started helping people for free after church, but then I was like we Jesus didn’t say everybody

had to be free, so I had to figure out how to monetize and get this business started. I want to be a billionaire, so you have to have millionaire and billionaire thinkers with you.”

Bianca Robinson – The Keynote speaker at the 2019 WPS “Boss’d Up Now What” Awards

Breakfast gave the insight on how to work smarter and generate revenue. She is a successful project manager, marketing strategist and the CEO of Cayden Cay Consulting. Bianca has a motto which is a popular statement meant for a relationship, but in this case it’s your

business…”shoot your shot”.

Bianca’s statement for W2WT interview:

“I’ve learned to operate through my fear, and what’s going to happen is going to happen. I also

know that I fear a lot of things that I do. I publicly speak all the time, but I’m always scared before I go up there because you don’t know who’s in the room, you don’t know what they will expect, you don’t know if you will mess up a couple of words.”

Photography by Brittany Rae Lenair & Helen Bohanna