The Largest, Most Intimate Touring Expo for Sistah's in Business: SIBExpo in ATL

The words empowerment, education, transparency, and money moves are the five words that sum up the powerful experience the Sistahs in Business Expo gives to a woman while attending this year’s event. Women from all over Georgia came to Atlanta to present their various businesses for the expo. Sistahs in Business Expo is a unique event that provides the opportunity for women to showcase their business. During the event, specific panels with business savvy women in media, authors, and entrepreneurs gave the audience the groundbreaking strategies to sustain endurance and prosperity in their industries.

Founder and CEO of Sistahs in Business Expo, Aisha Taylor curated this event in 2018. The mission of the Sistahs in Business Expo is to provide a platform for the entrepreneurial women of color. This event is to empower, instill key strategies, and activate the entrepreneurial women of color all while shopping with and buying from your sistahs in business.

The agenda of Sistahs in Business Expo was momentous, to say the least. The expo entailed six segments that packed the day with learning, empowerment, transparency, and money moves. The opening keynote speaker Dr. Lynn Richardson opened up by breaking down the tactics and the mentality needed to transcend in entrepreneurship. Jovita Moore, action news anchor of WSB-TV Atlanta and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist was an official host for the expo’s event.

The power-packed segments included a Founder’s chat with Founder and CEO of Sanaia Applesauce Keisha Smith-Jeremie and Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon, Founder and CEO of The Village Market. The sistahs in media panel topic “building brands beyond the screen” with actress, producer, co-founder of This is Leaving and owner of ShesGotAHabit Melinda Williams; Producer Shari’ Nycole of Sister’s Circle; radio personality and author Jae Nash; and writer and journalist Jennifer Ogunsola as the moderator.

The Super Power panel “Do It for the Culture” was a panel with game-changing tactics for global influential brands. Dr. Felicia Phillps, CEO of MogulCon; Chole Cleaves, branding director; Lillie Mae, CEO of Lillie Mae PR and Galmbitiousiam; Casey Kelley, CEO of Blended Designs; and moderator Nikki Porcher, Founder of Buy From A Black Women.

The #Authorpreneur panel “Book Me: Expanding your brand through writing” defined key branding and monetizing strategies to levitate an author. Moderator Brittany Miller, Founder and CEO of The Brittany Miller Brand, Women to Women Talk Magazine, and writer; Crystal Perkins, Founder and CEO of God and Goals; Tara Seals, Founder and CEO of The Bossy Educator and Body Decor Boutique, and author; Genise Shelton, author of Married to Fitness and Married to Medicine tv personality; and Yassin Hall, Amazon influencer coach and best-selling author.

The full packed day ended with an intimate fireside chat with closing keynote speaker of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and serial entrepreneur Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia Bailey talked her entrepreneurship journey and presented her new exclusive handbag and accessories line for purchase.

The women who graced the panel, vendors and women who attend the Sistahs in Business Expo shared the same fire and passion in life. The fire and passion that burns within that say “You cannot give up and stop at nothing to secure your dreams”. The atmosphere of the Sistahs in Business is one that is undeniable and one of a lifetime experience.

Every woman at this event had one common goal and that’s to support the Sistahs in Business. Every woman that attends the event, buys merchandise from a Sistah in Business, becomes a vendor at the event, and/or a featured speaker at the Sistahs in Business Expo achieved that common goal and executed in a priceless moment in history.

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