Attorney Rosezena Pierce “The Biz Lawyer” kicked off The First Trademark Soirée in Atlanta

The First Trademark Soiree entrepreneur’s prom created a cause that collaborated a celebration and business savvy experience for business leaders around the globe. The event took place at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter At Villa Christina in Atlanta, Georgia. The evening was an elegant red carpet and a black-tie affair. The evening started with a cocktail hour, followed by an elegant dinner, and lead into inmate chats with powerful business leaders. The First Trademark Soiree gathered influential business leaders so they could all celebrate each other. A very special pair of young influential business leaders were crowned as the entrepreneur’s prom king and queen.

This ideal event was created by Attorney Rosezena Pierce, The Biz Lawyer of Chicago, Illinois. Attorney Rosezena’s firm celebrated 600 trademarks. The achievement of the firm reaching 600 trademarks. CEO Monique Rodriquez and COO Melvin Rodriquez of Mielle Organics were the keynote speakers of the evening. The CEO power couple empowered and spoke on the fundamentals of practicing successful business strategies. Bringing together the leaders of today’s entrepreneurial business leaders came with an elaborate list of attendees.

Mistress of Ceremony Dr. Lauren Elise, CEO of The Social Media Doctor presented her eagerness to be an inspiration to everyone. The mindset to keep your endurance no matter the competition in your industry is the imperative piece of advice The Social Media Doctor spoke on during her interview. Chris Williams represented the millennial business leaders of the generation as the youngest black Subway franchise owner. Influential FORBES featured Millenial business leader Erika Pope, global brand and product development manager at Aunt Jackies Curls and Coils were in attendance. As well as other business-savvy leaders such as Candance Holyfield, CEO first black Spa Expo & Magazine, Makeda Smith, and Rashida Dunnam.

To say the least, The First Trademark Soiree Entrepreneur’s prom left everyone with the knowledge and empowerment to preserver through doubts, closed doors, naysayers, and the toxic energy of the entrepreneurs rollercoaster. Being empowerment is only half of the battle. The initiative to embrace knowledge will always bring business leaders to the finish line. Every business leader within the event’s attendee list has experienced the turbulence of becoming a leader of their industry, yet and still, they were in the room to give back with their time and passion to pay it forward to the community of leaders. This evening was filled with impactful knowledge and encouragement.

Attorney Rosezena created a successful elegant event that gave leaders of the black community a reason to celebrate with a purpose. Empowerment of one another’s accomplishments is what our community needs more of. The First Trademark Soiree an Entrepreneur’s prom did just that and provide valuable knowledge on trademarking your business and other fundamental business strategies that will only prevail an entrepreneurs’ life.

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