Actress Model, and CEO Brittany Passion Reflects on Her Role in The Brian Banks Movie

One thing we all strive for in life is making our mark on the world. Brittany Passion an actress from Dayton, Ohio is definitely making her mark. She has acted innumerous films from How High 2 to the new Brian Banks Movie. She also shared the spotlight in a few popular TV shows; but that’s not all she does. Brittany is a model, host, radio personality, and CEO of her own company, The Passion Xperience. — Talk about a woman on the rise! Here at Woman to Woman Talk Magazine we got the opportunity to talk to Brittany Passion about her journey and what to expect from her in the future.

1. When did you start your acting career?

I started acting professionally or on a serious level about a year and a half ago.

2. You dabble in many different avenues of entertainment and one of them is
“The Passion Xperience” what made you want to start a business dedicated to
modeling, media, mentoring, and mental health?

The Passion Xperience LLC is an all-inclusive company for business minded and boss women to share their passion with the world through transformation, motivation, stimulation and inspiration.

Transforming themselves to being the best version of themselves through self-care and self- confidence, inspiring others to follow their own dreams, stimulating the minds of the world through creativity and craftsmanship, motivating other girls/women to embrace their inner queen through self- confidence and self-care. The Passion Xperience accomplishes its goal through events, empowerment and entertainment. It was essential for me to start a company that embodies everything that is important to me and those who look up to me.

3. What are some of the films/projects you have worked on?

I’ve worked on various independent films, web series, plays and TV shows such as Fatal Attraction, Killer Couples, Atlanta and the Brian Banks movie.

4. Black women are on the rise when it comes to the entertainment industry.
What advice do you have for young women who are entering the industry as
actresses and models?

Always make sure you do your research, study your craft and your attitude determines your altitude. Doing research is key because as a woman, sometimes we are preyed upon in this industry. So, we have to make sure we know what and who we are dealing with. Anyone who wants to be great, they must always be a student of their craft and truly learn the ins and outs. Lastly, your attitude will take you far or keep you stuck. Nobody wants to be labeled difficult to work with. So definitely stand up for yourself, know your worth but it’s all about tact and how you say things.

5. What can young women learn from you and your experience?

Self-care is highlyyyyy important. There is no competition when you’re manifesting in your own lane. The only competition is against yourself to be better. So never focus on what everyone else is doing. Create your own lane, do your own thing and always allow yourself to grow and make mistakes. And if you get down or life gets to you, take a break and then start again. Relax, read, take a bubble bath, take a vacation, write in journal, light a candle, turn off your phone etc and truly zone into yourself.

6. What is your role in the Brian Banks movie?

I played his accuser’s (Kennesha) older sister in the movie. This project led me to my first SAG role. My main scene was cut which can sometimes happen during the edited phase however I can be seen in other scenes of the movie. And I am honored to be a part of something so monumental to our culture and society.

7. How was it working with director Tom Shadyac and rising actor Aldis

It was more than amazing, and I am honored to be around such talent. Tom was a phenomenal director to work with and actually gave me a compliment on my audition tape, so I thought that was dope. And Aldis brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

8. The media coverage of black men being wrongly accused of rape and other
crimes is rising. For example, the films “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “When
They See Us” both opening eyes to the world we live in. What is your take with
the new media coverage on these topics?

About time!!! I believe that we need these stories and media coverage in order to continue bringing awareness to these situations. These men deserve to have their voice heard and stories told because justice is not always served but they always keep going.

9. Referring the last question, how do you feel to be a part of telling such a
great story, and what is your feedback on the actual Brian Banks story?

The Brian Banks story is powerful, and everyone can relate to it. Being a part of this project taught me to truly stand for what I believe in and fight to the end. This story is one of faith, hope, education, perseverance and reclaiming your life back. The story brings tears to my eyes however, the real Brian Banks and the movie did not focus on the negatives, it focused on how to overcome the obstacles and fight to fix our broken system.

10. What’s next for Miss. Brittany Passion? Where can your fans see or even
hear about you next?

Well, I am in another play October 12, 2019 at Griffin Auditorium. I am also the cohost of a new model show coming to Fox Atlanta soon and I will be relaunching my brand as well. Fans can also follow me @brittany_passion, @thepassionxperience, @thesoleofatl_show , email me at or go to my website Thank You all so much.

Brittany is a woman on the rise, and with multiple skills in her back pocket. Thank you.