Simple Tips on Changing your Perspective

When you learn to look at life, people, things, situations, etc. differently, you are able to pull the most value out of it all and actually walk away a winner, no matter how the odds look, or what you feel is or isn’t working in your favor.

Our brain is a major muscle that controls our entire body… But WE control our brains. You have to live intentionally and do things on purpose. Plan to listen more, observe more and talk less. Respond less. Process more. Strive to be a reflection of the person you are working to become, rather than of the way people treat you. That is their battle, their burden, and a reflection of their character, not yours.

Realize and understand that every situation has an opportunity for your gain. Be a glass half-full kind of person; learn to see the good in all things. Learn to recognize the fact that none of us deserve the blessings we receive and realize that we have another chance to get it right simply because of his mercy.

When you stop feeling entitled and start being humble enough to know that we are not here for ourselves and that we are here rather as vessels of God’s love, you’re able to deal better with stress, with struggle, with tragedy, misfortune, depression, anxiety, failure, and even with ill-mannered people.

When you understand that truly, we are ALL the same, but at different places in our relationships with God, you will be able to judge less and pray more. You’ll understand why some people act the way they do or why even you yourself, may not be making progress in your life. You’ll stop being surprised and feeling jealous when the underdog walks away with the victory.

You have to readjust your mindset to be optimistic about life in general and stop wanting what other people have. My favorite way to do this is the most cliché, but it works. Whenever Im feeling that ugly spirit of self-pitty, I think about all the people I know personally who are struggling too, those who have failed at things too, those who were just sick, or maybe a friend that just lost a loved one, or a colleague thats having a tough time in their business. It’s easy to say there’s always someone out there who is in a tougher predicament than I am… But when you don’t see, hear, or feel them, it doesn’t seem real to you. – At least not real enough to change your perspective.

When you think of someone you know personally, it may be easier for you to feel compassion and get that humble bone back in your body. Perspective is really important because it controls your focus, and you know we LOVE to say “stay focused”.

My new focus statement, is STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR PERSPECTIVE!

Ask God for clarity often, because many situations come to our doorstep for the simple fact that it is something we are meant to work on or work with. Not just situations, but people too. Don’t be so quick to write people off. Get out of the habit of comparing yourself to others and learn to figure out why they popped up in your life and what you both can do to help one another, or even how the two of you can team up to help someone else.

My message to you, is to stop thinking you can read every person , place and thing that makes its way into your life story, and take the time out to listen, observe and weigh your thoughts. Get to know your creator on a personal level and trust him to guide you. Be an open-minded, unbiased beholder, when using your eye to spot the beauty in yourself, your life and in your purpose.