Keeping it New in Your Marriage

Forever is a really long time and not only do I want to make sure I enjoy the rest of my days to the fullest, but I also want to make sure that my life partner and best friend enjoys his days as well.

I think it’s safe to say that there’s a “honeymoon stage” at the beginning of most relationships that most people savor and hope to stretch into the days to follow. Disagreements are typically few and far between, compliments galore, love stares are longggg, and thoughts align as if you were a match made in heaven.

I’ve come to a personal realization that those first few months are so amazing because both people are typically being selfless, and are busy focused on the other. When you are loving your husband and thinking of his feelings, wants and needs, fulltime, there’s really not much time to be selfish. This works out perfectly when he is doing the same for you. – Refer back to the good olé “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” theory. It works.

Part of my job as a wife is to make sure my man is living his happiest of days, and since this is a forever thing, you just have to get good at keeping it new! It helps if you stay in tune with him and pay attention to his movements, desires, interests and changes in individual growth.

  • Pop up with something he mentioned he wanted or needed (besides your usual wifely care-taking of basic needs)

Another smart move is to pay attention to what he says he likes about YOU, such as maybe a color he likes to see you wear or perfume scents he likes to smell on you.

  • Try to savor these things, space them out a little, make him miss them and pop back up with it accompanied by some of your sweetest love.

Stay in good communication, talk about goals, dreams, and places you might want to travel. Stay abreast on what sparks your man’s interest. As we get older you know some of those things change, so stay aware of those changes because this prevents growing apart and no longer “knowing” the person you’re with.

  • Plan a surprise date night at a place he mentioned he wanted to go, let him know you pay attention & surprise him!

Keeping things new gives your partner reassurance that you are happy and willing to keep growing together. This also promotes motivation within both people because it creates that accountable energy. You know you each are counting on each other to be your best selves. Things should never stay the same for too long or you might end up stagnant; so growing together should always be a major goal and focus.

  • Try to think of your love as a beautiful song… that you just want to keep playing. You can’t let it fall into the same rhythm for too long because it will start to sound more like background noise rather than music.

YOU INVEST IN WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTED TO. Invest in your love, work together for prosperity and longevity… keep it new, keep it interesting and keep it SACRED……!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really just love the way God designed his people to fall in love with each other and with life; and create beautiful music with their love… music that can turn into the laughs of your children & grandchildren…

And even those who don’t have children, the music of marriage can turn into the testimonies of those whose lives you touch as a unit!

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