L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive Product Review

L”Oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive System

Here, sent to me complimentary by Influenster to try and review, we have the shampoo, conditioner and post-color repair mask, which are all geared towards helping revive “dry, damaged, color-treated hair”.


Massage SHAMPOO into wet hair, lather and rinse. Follow with color vibrancy intensive CONDITIONER. For deep repair, follow with POST COLOR REPAIR MASK and leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

My Review

Mothers and Daughters Hair has been in business for the care and maintenance of Natural Hair for about 4 years now. I take pride in not only styling my clients to perfection, but also in educating them with proper haircare tips and practices. I never encourage services that cause damage to hair such as bleaching, relaxing, keratin treatments, etc. I do color all the time but I typically recommend a multi-step process for lighter desired colors versus a one time job with stronger lifters and chemicals.

These products are great! I do have to say though, that they are not free of sulfates (strong chemical detergents made of sulfur-containing mineral salts used to strip grease and grime from various surfaces, including hair) or parabens (preservatives used in many pharmaceutical products), however, the typical person who would have old color, dryness, and/or color damage could benefit tremendously from the use of this product line.

After using this product on a client of mine who is 100% Natural and colors her hair often, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. Let’s take a look!

Her color was dark and looked a little dry. It was not as damaged as it could have been if she would have had a relaxer, but being NATURAL helps a LOT when dealing with color. She hadn’t had her hair washed for about 2 weeks or so, so we used the L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive shampoo followed by the conditioner.

I noticed almost immediately after shampooing, that her color looked brighter. Once I added the conditioner and rinsed well, I noticed how soft and lightweight her hair and curls felt. Not to mention, these products smell wonderful!

Notice how thick and creamy the post-color mask is! I think this smells even better than the shampoo and conditioner. Before applying the mask I was sure to section off her hair to make sure that I get proper coverage for efficient results. I used my fingers and palms to massage it in thoroughly, from root to end.

Once the mask was applied, the fist thing I noticed was the definition that took form in her curls. I love this! I could SEE the mask working and it began to leave a thick coating on her hair that reminded me of glaze. I let it sit for about 5 minutes as directed on the label, and rinsed thoroughly.

As you can see, her hair looks pretty amazing. It’s so full of life! Her color looks brighter and much more vibrant. Her curls are more defined and “springy” as I like to call them. Her hair was definitely a lot softer and smoother to the touch. I was pleased with the entire process!

After her wash and mask, we used Fantasia Inter Cellular (iC) hair polisher and heat protector serum, followed by a traditional blow-dry and press. Her hair is clean, shiny, soft, bright, and in much better condition than it was prior to using the L’Oreal Paris Color Vibrancy Intensive system.

I would highly recommend this system to anyone looking to repair color damage and/or maintain color-treated hair. I have also added this to my own personal styling kit!