New Beginnings

Greetings friends!

The strength and loyalty represented by a sunflower will never cease to amaze me.

“Even on the darkest days, I will stand tall and find the sunlight.” – anonymous

Wow, so I am sure all who know me personally are wondering how in the world I am managing to do so much at once and here I am adding something new!

Recently, after realizing my deep love for entrepreneurship and after getting my hands dirty with my hair business and non-profit organization, I have been asked to host my own radio show out of Atlanta, Ga., and now have started a new business, Brittany Miller Brand. Each of these projects were once what I like to call, “brain fillers”. “Brain fillers” are thoughts, dreams and ideas that I have in my head, marinating, for the right time and opportunity to be brought to life! I’m sure you have a few.

I manage to find balance because:

I believe in myself and my capabilities. If there are road blocks along my way that challenge my abilities, I make it my business to seek and find answers.

1. Each of my projects have similar missions and are geared towards the same kind of audience.

Having similar missions helps me organize my thoughts and cross-network when it comes to resources, marketing and event planning.

2. I schedule MY LIFE!

Scheduling everything on my calendar has worked wonders for my scatterbrain! Before becoming an entrepreneur, I never had a sense of organization and would plan my days as I went along. Now, I find it less stressful to live by a schedule, especially since I’m a wife and mommy of multiples!

3. I love what I do.

When your “work” is fun and you are passionate about your “why”, then I think it becomes easier to be productive at whatever you do. It is easy to focus and I believe you are more personally accountable for getting things done.

I decided to BLOG because it’s the best way to connect on a more personal level with all who support and follow what I do. I am the type of person who likes to stay at eye level with those who are interested in positive growth, self & world awareness, and sharing what we know to help one another get ahead. I’m all about building fruitful connections, and nurturing them for prosperity!

Welcome aboard. Please sign up to stay connected because you do NOT want to miss out!

Plus! I will be including exclusive tips and deals for each of my businesses, offered only to my dearest subscribers.